2020 Garden Chronicles #8 – Peppers A-Plenty

It’s been over a month since I updated you on my plants! Actually, it’s pretty close to two whole months. How did that happen?

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20200920_135120With summer hitting its brutally hot peak, my plants have not been at their most photogenic. Also, since the vegetables are across town and my schedule has filled up, whenever I go to pick them I don’t always have time to also take pictures. Both plants are doing pretty well though.

Pepper Plant September 6 2020The pepper has been producing like crazy! After a slow start, I guess it likes the hotter temperatures better. My fridge was overflowing with more fresh peppers than I could easily use, so last week I tried a recipe for stuffed pizza pepper snackers – I just sliced the peppers and filled them with about a teaspoon of pasta sauce (since they’re all very small peppers), some mozzarella, and half (or a quarter for some) of a pepperoni slice, and baked them for about 15 minutes. They turned out very tasty!

Pizza Peppers

Inside, things have changed more significantly since my last update. The Echinacea, which I thought was dying, is making a come back! The three main stems have all died back, but as I cut them away, several new leaves have grown! They’re all very pale and, after a few days, lay down instead of reaching up toward the sun like the previous ones did. But, they are green and growing! I’m doing my best to get them as much sun as possible and the right amount of water.

Echinacea early September 2020

The Snake plant is also doing well. I’ve had to trim off a few of its leaves, and I expect a few more will need to be removed in the next few days, but that is to be expected as it is still transitioning from living in a nursery with abundant light to my very dark bathroom. Every few days I bring it out of the bathroom on a field trip to sit in my window, so it gets an extra boost of light then. Unfortunately, I was over confident in my last analysis of the gnat situation, and rather than going away more showed up. I’ve been fighting them with vinegar & soap traps, sticky paper, and citrus-scented cleaning products on the surfaces around the plants, but I’m not sure if I’m truly making headway on getting rid of them. Today I even sprayed the dirt of my Echinacea with a powerful bug spray, hoping that will take out a few more and prevent them from laying eggs in the dirt. That spray cannot go directly on plants though. I hope that wasn’t a mistake.

One more recent major development in the plant department: I’ve started an underwater terrarium! Er, yes, it’s a 3.5 gallon fish tank without any fish in it. At least for now. I recently learned about Marimo Moss Balls, and became so intrigued that I decided I wanted to try to grow one! They’re apparently a common addition to Betta tanks, so my local pet store had several to choose from, including a set of three small ones for the price of one larger one. Of course, that’s what I chose to get. They’ve been in for about a week, and I think it’s time to rotate them, which should be interesting. I also got an Anubias plant: a fairly generic underwater plant with round leaves. It was difficult to plant it in the gravel, and I may have to get either some sand or finer gravel to help it anchor.

Underwater Terrarium Labor Day 2020

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How are things growing in your neck of the woods, Readers? Are the leaves starting to turn, and are your vegetables or flowers holding up?

Until the next chapter,


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  1. My plants seem to be doing okay! I got 3 little strawberries off my of strawberry plants this morning, so yay! I did have to get rid of my zinnias finally, they were not looking happy. And it seems like my lilies may be going dormant soon to prepare for cooler weather, so I’ll have to bring them inside to my garage to protect them.
    My rubber plants seems to be liking its new home, it’s putting off new leaves like crazy, I can find newly unfurled ones every day! Holy moly!

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