Yarn Along // September 2020

This post is a few days behind most Yarn Along posts – between work, school, Staff Association, and other personal projects, I didn’t find time to take pictures for this post before the linkup was posted, and the pictures are pretty important to these posts!

My library has moved into a new phase of reopening this week: customers are now allowed to come into the building for brief computer use sessions and to select books from the shelves. We have removed all seating, displays, and children’s toys from the floor, as well as newspapers and interactives which patrons might linger around. There’s still quite a bit of unease in the community, but it is nice to be able to see people in the building again.

Yarn Along is a monthly link up hosted at Small Things. The point is to share our yarn-type projects (such as knitting, crochet, or similar) as well as the books we are reading. I love watching others’ projects develop, and of course I love hearing about the books people are reading, too! You can see everyone’s linked posts and the guidelines at the host’s site, here.

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Yarn Updates

My yarn-ing this month was all crochet, for a change. I found a pattern for something I want to make for my nephew’s upcoming birthday, and I initially tried to convert it into a knitting pattern, but in the end I decided to try to follow it as written. It’s going pretty well! I’ll share some pictures after we celebrate his birthday in October.

Since I got on a crochet streak, I also made a potholder with a random pattern that’s been sitting in my Pinterest ideas! This project was entirely spontaneous; I’m surprised I got through it, but for the most part it went well. It’s larger than I anticipated, but I don’t think that my plant minds.

Reading Updates

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My reading was very hit or miss in August month. I DNF’d several books, but the ones that I did complete were mostly solid. My favorite August read is Hearts on Lonely Mountain by A.M. Heath, which I reviewed on Monday! Once school started, I also spent a good amount of time reading articles and textbooks for class. My nonfiction read at the moment is Making Sense of God by Timothy Keller.

After spending so many months looking forward to starting grad school, it’s a big adjustment to actually fit all of the work into my schedule each week! It doesn’t look like much on paper, but translating what’s on the paper (or screen) into a practical to-do list with tasks that take up time, and then fitting all of that time into a single week, is challenging. It’s a challenge I’m up for, though!

This month, I need to finish up the birthday present I’m working on, and I hope to start some Christmas presents. I’m not sure if I will have much to share in next month’s Yarn Along, since those are my priorities! We’ll have to see. Last weekend I went to Hobby Lobby (and reveled in the fact that nearly all of their fall and Christmas decor was on sale for 40% off!) and, in addition to what I needed to buy for projects, I got myself a skein of soft purple yarn. I’m thinking about making a few headbands or maybe a pair of fingerless gloves for myself from it. Again, we’ll see how this month goes!

Until the next chapter,


P.S. I hate to be a crotchety grumpy-Gus, but am I the only one who finds WordPress’ block editor to be much less convenient than the classic editor? I’m still waiting to figure out what it can do better; there must be something, but so far all I’ve noticed is that it takes more clicks and more effort to do format things in ways that used to be so convenient! Does anybody else share my thoughts, or do you feel differently?

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    1. Exactly! I think I’ve got just about all of my formatting figured out with the new editor, but it is much less convenient than it was with the classic! I’m considering switching back, but I want to give it a good long test first to make sure I’m not missing out on something substantial.


  1. I’m with you on the block editor, it’s rather annoying. BUT, I’ve found that if I type everything up in Word, with the pictures, it makes it sooo much easier and smoother for me. And it separates it into blocks automatically when I paste it into the editor.

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  2. I’m still using the classic editor, dreading the day it’s turned off. My local library has browsing sessions now but you have to prebook, and only one person in at a time. since reservations are still free I shall stick with them and click and collect. Good luck with the studyng. I did distance learning in my 30-40s, it’s doable but you have to prioritse it.

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