What I Hope to Read & Achieve in August 2020 (TBR List & Goals)

Hey there Readers!

Are you a list-maker like me? Do things make more sense when they’re laid out in an orderly manner? If so, when do you make your lists? Personally, I like to make one list of goals for the month during the first week of the month, and then I have one other ongoing list of things that need to get done – and it never gets cleared completely! I also make a list of what I expect to spend in the month, and when I’m on top of things, I follow up at the end of the month to see how closely I followed that plan. I guess that’s basically a budget, isn’t it? It’s still a list too.

Here’s a glimpse of what I hope to read and do this month.

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August 2020 TBR List

Finish these in-progress books first:


Then read these:

  • Nightfall (Keeper of the Lost Cities #6) by Shannon Messenger (Middle-Grade Fantasy)


  • The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury, to count toward my Christmas reading goal (Contemporary Romance)


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  • A book set in Australia (counts toward my goal of reading a book set on each continent in 2020) – I have a couple of books on hold from the library for this. I’m hoping one of these will jump out at me once I see them in person!


  • Something by Timothy Keller – I’m taking a break from reading C.S. Lewis in the mornings.


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Other Goals

  • Get my planner completely set up for this semester. Assignments, potential work projects, blog post outline, everything penciled in to the best of my ability.
  • Get 3 more “study music” CDs on my computer so that I can listen to them instead of Spotify, which sometimes uses an unreasonable amount of WiFi
  • Complete 2 moderate-sized projects with Staff Association
  • Celebrate the launch of I Love to Tell the Story by Faith Blum
  • Start grad school!
  • Post ~12 blog posts. Thrice a week for the first two weeks, then twice a week once school starts in the third week.
  • Replace the brake pads on my car (with help, of course). There isn’t anything wrong with them, but they’re aging and have reached the minimum acceptable thickness, so it’s time to get new ones.

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Have you ever read a book set in Australia? Did you enjoy it?

If you could visit any country in the world, which would you choose?

I want to close this post with part of the Pope’s prayer for the month of July 2020. We may have just closed out that month, but I just came across this recently and the sentiment has stuck with me as something I wish for all of my friends and connections – and that includes all of you who read this blog!

Give us strength to overcome the difficulties that we face. Protect us against any and all problems we may encounter in future days. Lord, please bring us together in love and peace as we are meant to be. May the love that binds us only grow stronger as we fulfill the path and desires You have laid out before each of us.

Until the next chapter,




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  1. Interesting set of goals, best of luck. I really enjoyed The Catcher in the Rye, so hope you do too. The country I would most like to visit is Italy- Rome, Florence and Venice, but that’s not for this year sadly.

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