2020 Garden Chronicles #7

Hello, Readers! The sun is shining, the humidity is rising, and (despite not allowing customers in the building) my library is decorated with an abundance of fairy tale characters – so Summer must be in full swing! Nowhere is this as apparent as with my little garden. It’s time for another garden check-in, and it’s rather hot outside today (already 81F and heading for the mid-90s), so grab your wide-brimmed hat!

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20200717_173959First of all, the tomatoes! These plants love the heat as long as we provide them enough water, and they are going great guns at the moment! I constantly have a small tub filled with cherry tomatoes. They are making great additions to my omelettes, pasta dishes, and salads. Unfortunately, the companion plants I put in with the tomato are not doing so well. I’m down to 2 surviving carrots and 1 Marigold. Birds are likely part of the cause for the disappearing carrots, and perhaps the other Marigolds did not have enough room or sunlight. Since the tomato plant has gotten quite large, it gives a lot of shade to the others.

20200717_174104My pepper plant is also doing pretty well! There are several peppers growing, and while it isn’t as enthusiastic as the tomato, it is still a good crop. They take a very long time to turn from green to orange, however! Since this is my first year growing peppers, particularly small “snacking” peppers, I’m not sure if this is normal. Regardless, I’m thrilled with the way this plant is growing and producing!

Unfortunately, I don’t have much good news to report on my indoor plants. The Echinacea is certainly dying, despite how I cut it back when its last flowers finished. I’m sad about it, but since Echinaceas are only supposed to live for one season to begin with and mine has now survived more than a year and a half, I recognize that there is probably nothing that I can do. I have done a little research, but came up with nothing useful. It will soon be time to say goodbye to this plant, but then I will have the chance to pick a plant which might thrive more in my new environment.

My hen & chicks, too, have dramatically fallen recently. Literally, they went from stretching toward the sun with bright green leaves one day to laying on the ground and withering overnight. I have no idea what happened; my only guess is that I might have overwatered, or maybe there is something in the water from my new place which is harmful, but even those thoughts don’t really seem to fit. Still, I have gone almost a week without watering it now, and surprisingly it has partially stood back up. The leaves are all still dark and sick-looking, but at least being more vertical is progress.

The one bright spot regarding my indoor plants is my Snake plant. It appears as happy and strong as ever on my bathroom cabinet. I can’t tell if it has grown any yet. Thankfully, I have almost gotten rid of all the gnats that were plaguing it. Rather than seeing them every time I walk by, I now tend to see no more than one gnat a day, if even that.

20200717_174230_HDRI took this picture of a Rose of Sharon at my parents house this weekend. I love the bright flowers this bush makes, but I’m not so fond of being close to the bees that it draws! (I know bees are important pollinators, I just don’t like being close to them.) Eventually, I hope to have something with large flowers like these in my own garden. This will probably have to wait until I have an actual yard of my own, though, and I am happy to enjoy them in my parents’ yard for now.

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Do you have any plants, outdoors or in? If so, how are they handling the summer heat (or winter chill, if you’re on the other side of the world)?  If you don’t have any plants of your own, tell me about something else beautiful in your life!

Until the next chapter,


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  1. All of my plants seem to be doing okay…except for my Jellybean plant, it seems to get roots attached then something freaks it out. It’s very possible that it’s too small and I may just end up having to let it go the way of the world.

    I have gotten some more succulents, an elephant bush as well as a star aloe christmas sleigh! I like the christmas sleigh, it looks like it wants to bite something 😛 I also acquired some coneflowers for our front porch which I’m hoping will attract some pollinators and helped my husband rescue a plant from his office that was looking a little sad. It’s bigger than any of my others, and after doing some research we think it’s a dragon plant.

    Overall, my plants seem to be doing okay and I’m excited to get my backyard ready for some raised beds hopefully, either by getting them set up this year or next spring for blackberries and some other things that we will actually eat. Good luck with your indoor plants, I hope that they come to like their new home soon!

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    1. How fun to have so many new plants! Sorry to hear about your jellybean plant…maybe it will pull through?

      Lol at the Christmas sleigh looking like it wants to bite something…I had to look that one up, and they look so cool!

      Good luck with getting your yard ready for raised beds! If you need any help or insight, I have a friend who has her own business helping people set up raised beds and I would be happy to put you in touch! Having blackberries in the yard sounds wonderful!


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