Yarn Along // July 2020

A new month starts today, and since it is a Wednesday, it means we get to link up for Yarn Along on the first day of the month! Admittedly, I haven’t been doing nearly as much knitting recently as I had been. Still, I did do a little, and I love seeing what everyone else is working on.

My biggest “project” in June had nothing to do with yarn or needles – I moved into a new apartment, and spent most of my time figuring things out with it. I am especially loving my kitchen, and a lot of time which could have been spent on knitting was instead spent poring over cookbooks that I checked out from the library and looking for new (but inexpensive) things to cook. In an interesting turn of events, I apparently love baked oatmeal, despite being rather on the fence about normal cooked oatmeal. I’ve started baking up a small casserole dish full on Sunday, and then warming up a portion each morning. It keeps me just as filled as the sausage and cheese that I used to have every morning, with almost no prep work each day. Sometimes it’s ready to eat before my first cup of coffee finishes brewing!

You didn’t come to hear about my breakfast routine, though, did you? You came to see what I am knitting and reading. Well, read on!

Yarn Along is a monthly link up hosted at Small Things. The point is to share our yarn-type projects (such as knitting, crochet, or similar) as well as the books we are reading. I love watching others’ projects develop, and of course I love hearing about the books people are reading, too! You can see everyone’s linked posts and the guidelines at the host’s site, here.

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July 2020 Yarn Along 2
I had a terrible time finding the right light to make this pattern show up in the picture; it’s a lovely braid, but somehow the rich green washes out when I take pictures of it.


I think I picked up my knitting fewer than five times this month. Between setting up my new place, spending more time baking and cooking, and of course more adapting to lifestyle and work process changes due to COVID-19, I just didn’t find time for it. Surprisingly, I’m not concerned about this. Knitting is something I enjoy and benefit from – but it is not a need. If I don’t find time for it, life continues.

July 2020 Yarn Along 1
About half of a mug cozy – I’ll finish it up the next time I sit down to watch TV.

That said, I did work on the two mug cozies pictured at the right. Mostly I squeezed in a few minutes of knitting during my lunch break, while listening to an audiobook. Also, I checked out the first season of When Calls the Heart on DVD from the library, and started the second (as yet incomplete) cozy while watching that. For the most part I’m enjoying the series, although I don’t understand the obsession many people have over this.


40594684. sy475 Reading

I spent most of June re-reading Disruptive Witness by Alan Noble. This was my second time reading this book, and I am so glad that I own a copy now because it is one I will want to come back to often.


44286431I’m also reading Julie Andrews’ latest memoir, Home Work. It’s interesting, although since I don’t read many memoirs, it’s not quite as engaging as the fiction or theology that I usually read.




2300483Finally, I spent the last two weeks of June reading We Alcotts for the Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge. I didn’t quite make it, but such is life. If you can find a copy, I highly recommend this for a study of the Alcott family’s life. It is written for a younger audience, so it’s a quick and easy read but packed full of information and enjoyable at the same time. Although, when I say it is a quick read, I mean that the chapters are easy to get through and it does not take a very high level comprehension. Because it is so easy to get through single chapters, We Alcotts is unfortunately just as easy to put down as it is to pick up, which is why I have not quite finished reading it yet.

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As summer gets into full swing, I hope you are finding enjoyable things to pay attention to. For a while, we were not allowed to use our break room at work, so I got into the habit of eating lunch in my car. Now, the restriction has been lifted, but I continue to eat in my car most days so that I can enjoy the sun for a while. It seems like I am less uptight on days that I spend part of my lunch break outside. Plus, eating in my car lets me listen to a few audiobook chapters while I eat!


Until the next chapter,


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  1. I think it does you good to have time away from work colleagues, no matter how nice they may be. When my son was on his gap year he woked near me and we met for our sandwich lunch till the weather got too cold to eat outside. Those were my favourite lunch breaks I ever had- to be able to relax with someone who loved me. Love the cosies.

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  2. Well you have sold me on baked oatmeal! I will have to give it a try, especially as we are in winter here. That green is stunning and I do love a cable/braid pattern.

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