2020 Garden Chronicles #5 // Steady Growth & New Additions

Happy Tuesday, Readers! My weekend was crazy hectic, and I’m ready to settle into the rhythm of a new week. It’s probably going to take a while to get completely settled though, because I spent the weekend moving! It’s not a huge move from where I was, but still entirely new.

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Tomatoes early JuneThings are going pretty well here. There are two new little peppers setting, and still a horde of tomatoes. I’m surprised that none of the tomatoes have starting turning red or even orange yet, but they still appear healthy, so I won’t worry. I did have to trim quite a few branches from the bottom of the tomato plant, since they were not getting enough sunlight and were generally not doing well. This is good for the carrots and marigolds around the tomato, too. With the lower branches gone they can get better sunlight and aren’t quite so crowded.

I added a strawberry plant to my potted garden last week (it’s the small brown pot in the picture at the top). My mom has a patch, and she let me take one of her small plants. I’m afraid it might quickly outgrow the pot that it is in, but we’ll see. I’m definitely looking forward to a few fresh strawberries throughout the summer!

As for the indoor plants, the first bloom on my Echinacea is done. I am so glad it was able to bloom this year, and that this bloom became the first of many. At the moment, three others are still going strong, and one more is just starting to open. It was a little difficult to deadhead that first bloom, but now the plant can focus on adapting to its new environment and sending all of its energy to the newer flowers.


I also need to mention my new Snake plant that one of my best friends gave me as a housewarming gift! I’ve heard so much about these plants and I am thrilled to have one of my own. It already fills the pot it came in, so I hope it doesn’t grow too dramatically in the near future! If you have or have had a Snake plant, is it true that they can thrive in low-light rooms? I’ve seen people say that they are good to keep in the bathroom, because they are such strong oxygen purifiers, but I’m slightly hesitant because it will never get any direct sun there.


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How was your weekend? Are things warming up (or, if you’re on the other side of the world, cooling down) significantly where you are? What does that mean for the plants around you? Aside from my own cultivated plants, it makes me very happy to see the wildflowers blooming on the roadside this time of year!

Until the next chapter,


3 thoughts on “2020 Garden Chronicles #5 // Steady Growth & New Additions

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  1. I have a snake plant in my bathroom, which gets no direct sunlight and I haven’t watered it in months – it’s fine! (But I should probably water it).

    Your garden is looking lovely! I can’t wait to see how your strawberries turn out.

    I hope your move is a good thing for you! I hate moving, but always love settling into a new place. Enjoy 🙂


    1. Thank you for telling me about your snake plant! That is good to hear. And thank you for all of your kind words!

      I’m looking forward to fresh strawberries too, although I don’t expect there will be many this first year.

      This move is definitely a good thing for me! It should give me just enough time to get everything settled before school starts in the fall without rushing. It’s a good, safe place, and just big enough!

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