June TBR & Goals {2020}

Summer may not officially begin for another few weeks, but June has always marked the beginning in my mind. This is especially true now that I work in the library, and so many things revolve around the Summer Reading program. As a side note, if you participate in your local library’s Summer Reading program, I would love to hear about what the looks like this year, and how it is different from past years. I’m making a mental note to re-visit that topic on its own in a future post. But for this post, I’m supposed to be sharing what I intend/hope to read this month, and any other goals I have. So, enough rambling!

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June TBR List

I’m joining  multiple reading challenges this summer, which impacts what books I’m reading to a degree. I will share more about those in a post later this week. This month, June 2020, I hope to read:


Other Goals

🌞 Get more reviews posted. I have several lingering in the “Draft” stage that need to move out!

🌞 Keep up with a consistent posting schedule, no fewer than 12 posts total

🌞 Start building a cooking repertoire – is it terribly pretentious of me to word it that way? I just want to be comfortable cooking a variety of meals.


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As I type this I’m sitting on my back porch, enjoying the evening breeze and pausing every once in a while to watch the squirrels or birds as they flit through the yard. I know this list doesn’t have as many goals as some other lists I have made, but I think that is just the nature of June. There is a lot going on in my personal life right now, or at least a few significant things which make it feel like a lot. This is a good time to take a deep breath and focus on doing a few things well rather than casting a wide net of goals this time around. And, it’s a good time to enjoy nature in the evening, before the mosquitoes come out and the temperature becomes unbearable!

What are you focusing on this month, Readers?

Don’t forget to tell me about your local library’s summer reading program, if you participate!

Until the next chapter,


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