2020 Garden Chronicles #4 // A Petite Pepper

Hello, Readers! I hope you had a good weekend. I read several lovely posts about Memorial Day, and if you are from America, I hope you enjoyed this time to remember those who have served and given their all. Everything looks different this year, even memorial services, but the meaning is there all the same. I spent the long weekend partially detailing my car and spending time with my family, watching NASCAR and The Great British Baking Show.filligree page divider

We’ve had quite a bit of rain recently in the form of multiple thunderstorms. One morning I woke up to the weather alarm going off, and realized I had left my potted vegetables in the middle of the yard, completely unprotected from things like hail and strong wind. Well, being the person that I am, I ran through the rain to bring them into the garage…only to hear the local weatherman say that the main threat was already past my area when I got back inside! And, by the time my turn came to work the outdoor station of our curbside library service, the sky was completely clear. Oh well – I got my exercise in early that day!

For the most part, I think all of my plants are coming through the weather unscathed. My pepper plant still only has one pepper growing, and I still find the flower buds falling off every day. I can’t quite figure out why it’s doing that, but it otherwise seems healthy.

The tomato plant is still growing like crazy. I trimmed a few of the lower branches, in hope that the carrots and marigolds I planted beside the tomato will get enough sunlight. Some of the carrot tops are leaned entirely sideways, trying to get out from under the tomato’s canopy. I had no idea it would have such thick foliage, especially so close to the ground! There are just over a dozen little tomatoes setting at the moment. They are getting to be a very good size for cherry tomatoes, and I can’t wait for them to start changing color and then to be ready to eat.

I also snagged these pictures of the blooms in our Catalpa tree this week. Somehow I always seem to forget that it makes such pretty little flowers every year. Probably because they attract so many bees, and while I appreciate what bees do, I am very happy for them to remain a large distance away from me!

filligree page divider

What’s blooming in your lives this week, Readers? Are there any random plants you’ve noticed on your way to work, or a new hobby taking root, or a previously-unrecognized appreciation for something else entirely?

Until the next chapter,


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  1. We planted a sunflower for the first time and it’s really growing fast! 🙂 It’s amazing! When it started, peaking above the ground it was just a little guy, now it’s almost as tall as our fence!

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