Mini Book Review: Heartland Skies by Melody Carlson

Happy last week of April, Readers! As this month draws to a close, I’m sure there are more than a few people breathing a sigh of relief. There are also plenty who are grieving. Wherever you find yourself, I hope that this week brings a brighter shade of hope. Maybe it will bring a good new book to read, too.

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34438271About the Book

Title: Heartland Skies (part of the Second Chances series)

Author: Melody Carlson

Original Publication Date: 1993

Synopsis (from Goodreads): Jayne Morgan feels betrayed when her fiancé suddenly dumps her for his high school sweetheart just weeks before the wedding. She’d love to leave his hometown of Paradise, Oregon, but she’s signed a teaching contract, and the kids in her classroom need her.

Then Harris McAllister comes along.

Jayne certainly has a lot to learn about love. But Harris has a lot to learn about tolerance. Maybe, just maybe they can help each other along.

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My Thoughts

Heartland Skies is fun and lighthearted, despite starting off with a near-tragic event and immediately proceeding to a breakup. Jayne is the kind of protagonist who I would like to have as a friend – even if I would want to tell her to stop talking from time to time, or to think more about what she says!

I enjoyed this as a break from more serious reading, but if I read very many books like this in a row, I would quickly get tired of them. I had the ending pegged from very early in. The pacing is good, but I dislike how quickly the characters jump from one romantic relationship to another. Also, things just happen way too easily for Jayne. It makes for a good story, but I get a little bit irritated when as many good things come so easily as what come to Janye.

Over all, it’s admittedly rather shallow but a fun change of pace. Heartland Skies does address racism in what I feel is a fairly well-done manner, if (like the rest of the book) still not very deep. I recommend it for clean romance readers looking for something quick and easy to read that you really don’t need to be all that invested in to enjoy.

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Compared to Jane Eyre and The Portrait of a Lady, reading Heartland Skies is incredibly non-taxing. This is a good book to read between more demanding books.

Are there any authors, books, or genres that you turn to when you just want something simple and easy to read?

Until the next chapter,


4 thoughts on “Mini Book Review: Heartland Skies by Melody Carlson

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  1. Hello,
    Your book ‘The Hiding Place’ garnered my attention when I saw it in my reader. I’ve never read Heartland Skies but I have read all of Corrie Ten Boom’s books, and they are magnificent. They will challenge you and put your faith in perspective. Have you ever read any of Corrie’s work? My wife and me once visited and toured the Corrie Ten Boom house in Holland. For a World War II buff and a Christian, it was so very memorable. Have a blessed week.


    1. Hello! Yes, I read The Hiding Place just last month after picking it up at a used book sale. I haven’t gotten my thoughts about it together enough to write a formal review, but I entirely agree with your statement. It’s a difficult topic but her writing is so encouraging. I hope to read more of her writing eventually. It’s cool that you got to tour her house; I bet it was a moving experience!


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