Unraveled Wednesday {4.22.2020}

Today we’re linking up with As Kat Knits for Unraveled Wednesday!

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Unraveled Wednesday is a linkup hosted by As Kat Knits highlighting current projects, books we’re reading, and relevant yarn industry news/info/discussions.

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Knit Bunny 2Knitting:

Since finishing the baby blanket I had been working on (see it here), I’ve done a handful of small knitting projects, including this little bunny for my nephew. It may not look like much, but for a spur-of-the-moment project, I’m happy with it! I’m also working on some superhero-themed projects, but as those are going to be gifts in the not-too-distant future, I’m going to hold off showing pictures of them.


Other Crafting: 

Purple and Red mask examples

Yep, I’m on the mask-making train. I started making masks a few weeks ago, but I finally found a pattern that I really like and can do quickly (link to the pattern here). Now that we’re talking seriously about going back to work soon, I want to have plenty of extras on hand. It looks like it will be a requirement to wear one when I’m at work for a while. I’m also sending a few to friends who are not able to make their own.




269I started Henry James’ The Portrait of a Lady late last week, and I think this book is going to last me a while. However, I recently got through Jane Eyre much quicker than I expected (and absolutely fell in love with it), so maybe that trend will continue! I’m also still working through the New Testament of the Bible this month; I’m in Romans as of the drafting of this post (Sunday, 4/19). Supposedly that means I am on track to finish the entire New Testament by the end of the month, but to be honest I’m a little skeptical! It’s been a challenge to keep up, but I appreciate the push this challenge is giving me to spend more time reading the Bible every day, especially while I have so much undirected time at home.

42774303. sy475 I’m also listening to Keeper of the Lost Cities on audiobook, mostly while I knit. Usually this is when I would listen to podcasts, but I’m doing that at a lot of other random times now, so I’m really not missing anything. I’m not sure if I’m going to want to read the entire series after this first one, but at this point I definitely do want to finish it! And since this is a library book, I will most likely have to turn it in as soon as we re-open, whenever that is…so I want to finish it soon!

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Are you working on anything special this week? And, if you have been working from home or otherwise not at work in the normal sense, has your organization started talking about what it will look like when you do start to go back? Are there any aspects that you expect to be different, either for a while or from now on?

Until the next chapter,


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