Yarn Along {4.1.2020}

Y’all I am so excited about this month’s Yarn Along! In the midst of all the crazy and sometimes terrible things going on, I am doing so much making. The additional time I’m spending at home is conducive to finishing all of the crafting projects I’ve previously started and then set aside. It feels so good to be so productive, to be able to look back and see that I have made various items that are fun and useful over the past few weeks. Of course I miss the library, but I’m not going to sit around moping. I’m using this time at home to the best of my ability; here are a few of the fruits of my labor.

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Yarn Along is a monthly link up hosted at Small Things. The point is to share our yarn-type projects (such as knitting, crochet, or similar) as well as the books we are reading. I love watching others’ projects develop, and of course I love hearing about the books people are reading, too! You can see everyone’s linked posts and the guidelines at the host’s site, here.

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I’ve been calling this my semi-secret knitting project, but it’s really not much of a secret. Right around two months of knitting gave me this adorable carseat blanket. I can’t wait to give it to the family I made it for; I’m so happy with the way it turned out! I have enough of the yarn left over to whip up some matching accessories, too.


Other Yarn-y Things:

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I took a jump back into sewing!

I made a few face masks for people I know to have as a backup/extra protection. The first one I used a pattern for, but for the rest I did some tweaking. They’re definitely not medical grade, but at least it’s something!

I also made a few re-usable snack bags! They are lined with a disposable tablecloth, so they cannot go through the laundry, but they can be hand washed. I’m really happy with these as well, and since I have some material (and most of the tablecloth) left over, I’m considering making more to hold for Christmas gifts. I know that is a long time away, but it would be nice to already have a few things prepared.

I also did a little crocheting this month. Not a lot, just enough to remind myself how it goes and regain my confidence in it. Knitting makes so much more sense to me than crochet, and just is easier, but my mom and I want to start crocheting for charity. Hopefully there will be picture updates of this later!


Reading Updates:

6455394I read several good books this month. I expect The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom will stay with me the longest. It’s her autobiography, especially highlighting her work with the Dutch Resistance during World War 2. The book is saturated with wisdom resonates well with the state of the world today.

The other books rounding out my top 3 for March are The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (my review here) and Disruptive WitnessGuernsey is fun while being real, and Disruptive Witness gave me a lot to think about.

Today I’m starting a Bible Reading plan to go through the entire New Testament in April, so we’ll see how much other reading I get done! Although, if things continue as they are, I may actually still have plenty of time for reading anything and everything. (Shout out to Kellyn Roth for sharing the plan in her recent newsletter!)

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I hope that, despite all the craziness, you’re able to find time for peaceful work.

Did you make anything by hand last month?

Until the next chapter,


4 thoughts on “Yarn Along {4.1.2020}

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  1. Your blanket turned out so lovely! And I’ve also started making masks – they are strangely addictive. Maybe it’s because it gives me a feeling of being able to do SOMETHING despite feeling helpless in so many other ways.

    I have The Hiding Place on my Kindle – thanks for reminding me about it!

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    1. Thank you, Katie! I agree; at least there is something we can do, however small it may be!
      I hope you read The Hiding Place soon (or whenever the right time is for you). I’m so glad I read it now, and it left a big impact on me.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful blanket, and great masks! The reusable snack bags are great too. I was starting to think about how to convert some of our plastic storage bags into reusable before all this happened, and had bought a pack of linen drawstring bags to try, but they are languishing in the drawer at the moment. (Mostly because I bought them to bring after school snacks in after school, but since we are home, I’m just using dishes or whatever the snacks come in to start with. Some day, though!)

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