Guest Post by Amie Anne + Blog Tour + Giveaway!

Hello, Readers! I hope today’s post will brighten your day a bit. I’m participating in a blog tour for fellow blogger Amie Anne. She recently re-branded her blog, and I am excited to see where it goes! To celebrate this, she’s hosting a fun blog tour and giveaway, and today the blog tour brings her here! So, I’m now turning this post over to Amie. I think you’ll enjoy what she has to say.

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A warm cup of coffee in your hands as you amble around Barnes and Nobles, checking out which books you want to see if you can check out from the library. You’re waiting for your friend to come, since you’ve scheduled a time to chat about the books you’ve both been reading. 

I love that idea, and so today, come sit down and get your coffee. We’re going to talk about the books I’ve been reading lately, and what I think of them. 

We’ll start with The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict. 

I’m a sucker for mind boggling brain games, so Trenton Lee Stewart’s books are some of my favorite books in the world. I’m always satisfied at the end, and I can relate with the main characters. The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict is hilarious, it’s a mystery (which is totally my kind of book), and Nicholas is such a lovable character that you can’t help being drawn into his story.

Besides, we all love stories about terrible orphanages, right? 

The character arc is amazing. It’s wonderful to follow Nicholas’ realizations, and yes. You must read this book. I would recommend it before I would recommend the Mysterious Benedict Society, so that’s showing how superb it is. 

I read A Cloak of Light by Chuck Black. I usually like the ideas of darker themes in books, but this one . . . Just didn’t click. I was distraught, mostly because I didn’t agree with the book. If you enjoy speculation about angels and demons, then this is probably a good book for you. (But beware, the first four chapters are hard to get through.)

I’m currently reading The Screwtape Letters and ahhhhhh. Anything by C.S. Lewis is amazing, but I wasn’t prepared for this work. It shows a totally different side of Lewis’ works from “Till We Have Faces” and his Sci-fi trilogy. 

I haven’t finished the book, but I’ve already found myself quoting it to my siblings. Definitely a must read, if you haven’t read it. I decided to read it after reading A Cloak of Light, and it helped calm my mind, giving me such wonderful truths. 

I’m also reading The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart, because I’m officially obsessed with Trenton Lee Stewart’s works. Another mystery and mind game. Reuben finds a watch, and it isn’t just any watch. It’s a very special watch.

Of course, I haven’t finished this one either, but I’m sitting on the edge of my seat. In fact, as soon as I finish this post, I’m going to go back to reading it. But knowing Stewart’s works, and by how intriguing it is already, I would definitely suggest putting it on your to-be-read list.

What are you reading at the moment? Comment down below. And thank you, Jana, for letting me guest post on your blog. It was such an honor. 🖤 


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Blog Tour Schedule

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About Amie

Amie is known as…

an old person in a young person’s body. She feels deeply, and shows hardly any of that feeling while she expresses all her tears, pain, and happiness in writing or music. She is a blogger, photographer, author, editor, girl Friday, artist, musician, and pretty much whatever else she puts her mind to.

Amie enjoys learning new languages, strange food combinations, laughter, animals (especially her bunny rabbit, Snowball and her dog, Star), and books. She is a writer who strives to share her Saviour’s love while encouraging everyone to reach for the stars in spite of the darkness of this life.


About Amie Anne

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 4.23.33 PM

Amie Anne is about a girl reaching the stars, and encouraging others to do so. While reaching the stars, she spends her time snapping pictures, creating history posts, monologues, and poetry. 

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I hope you enjoyed Amie’s post! Check out her blog here!

Until the next chapter,




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