Book Review: Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett (a Serious Disappointment)

Hello Readers! My world has gone a little crazy this week, but it’s still turning. I hope yours is going well enough, too! Today I’m sharing my review of a book I was really looking forward to but ended up being majorly disappointed with.

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36511805About the book

Title: Serious Moonlight

Author: Jenn Bennett

Genre: YA Romance with a hint of Mystery

Original Publication Date: August 16, 2019

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My Thoughts

Honestly, I am so disappointed in this book. Like, will-not-get-over-it, how-could-you, disappointed. You may have noticed that in this book’s “about” section I did not include a synopsis, and that is intentional. The synopsis which usually goes along with this book talks about the grand hotel the protagonist works in and a mystery surrounding a curious frequent guest. It also mentions that the protagonist and her love interest have an “awkward first meeting,” but that isn’t even the half of it. What Serious Moonlight is really about is demonstrating how many poor choices it is possible to make in a short amount of time, and how to convince yourself that it’s okay when these things try to bother your conscience. More time is spent discussing the characters’ sex lives (did I mention this is portrayed as YA? And thus catered to teenagers?) than on the mystery. Even when we are focusing on the mystery, it isn’t very compelling and has a lame resolution. The main characters commit a few crimes along the way (breaking and entering, ignoring customer’s privacy rights at the hotel, and misuse of company property, just to name a few), but they get away with everything because they are the main characters, and thus the so-called good guys.

The setting, however, is beautiful. Bennett does a wonderful job making Seattle come alive in ways that I never expected. The characters and the places they find themselves are quirky and fun, but they’re also vapid and irresponsible. The protagonist has narcolepsy, which is interesting, but not presented well enough to save the book. The worldview put forward is harmful and unreasonable.

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Have you ever read a book that made you feel like the synopsis set you up? Unfortunately, that’s how my reading year started this year. It’s improved recently though, so I’ll have some more positive reviews soon!


Until the next chapter,



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