Three Book Recommendations for Valentine’s Day, Regardless of Your Relationship Status

Dear Reader, I thought long and hard about what to post today (and that is why this post was not up at 6am, when I usually schedule my posts). First I wrote a scathing review of a book I recently read and hated, intending to completely ignore the holiday. Then I tried to make a heart out of a stack of books, which I would have written something cheesy with. That didn’t quite work out though, and I don’t really feel like being that kind of cheesy. I could write something heartfelt and sappy, about timing and love and patience. But that sounds like it would take a lot more energy and time than I have left myself.

I can’t let this day go without posting something, so I’m taking the middle ground today, and sharing three of my favorite books which deal with romance in some form.

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Wedding Score cover by Amanda TeroFor the single adult who just wishes everyone would stop asking when they are going to get married, and that there might be a good book that isn’t all about love:

Wedding Score by Amanda Tero

This novella has snuck into my list of favorites. I read it when it released last year, and I enjoyed it, but as time goes by I find myself still thinking about it and liking it more and more. If you’re frustrated with well-intentioned personal questions or just want to see a realistic single young adult protagonist, this is the book for you. See my review here for more info.

10507293For the hopeless romantic who is comfortably in a relationship and/or wants to vicariously live out a contemporary YA fairy tale:

The Selection by Kiera Cass

When I reread the first book in this series recently, I was surprised by how many details I didn’t remember. There are certainly a few problematic things in here, but overall it is a fun story for the hopeless romantic. Just don’t forget that this is a series; you won’t have any closure or understanding if you only read the first book!

Live Without You by Sarah Grace Grzy coverFor the one who is either a) still actively looking for their Prince Charming and wanting a story of hope or b) has found their True Love and wants to relive the thrill of finding them for the first time:

Live Without You by Sarah Grace Grzy

This novella is my absolute favorite contemporary love story! It’s beautiful, emotional, and surprisingly unique. It’s a quick read, perfect for a Saturday, and I love it. I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel, Never Say Goodbye, which is set to release this year! See my review here for more information.

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I hope you all enjoy this day, dear readers, not because it celebrates love or because of any consumeristic considerations, but simply because you are here and that is enough. I hope you find the things God has for you in this life, and fall in love with what you were made to do.

Until the next chapter,


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