Giveaway Winner Announcement

This post concludes the formal celebrations of Reviews From the Stacks turning two years old! If this catches you off guard, see this post.

I have to say, I’m a little disappointed that only two people entered the giveaway. So I’m curious, what could I have done differently for more people to enter? If you have any feedback, please let me know! Was it unclear how to enter? Did I not mention it enough? Is the prize lame? From looking at my stats, I can tell that a lot more than two people read the post, or at least came to the page. I’m just curious.

Anyways, I’ve decided to go ahead and hold the drawing, even though only two people entered. Both of the people who entered did more than one of the things I gave as a way to enter, and ended up with three entries each. I put them into a random name picker at, and the winner is…

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Random Name Wheel for RFtS 2 Year Giveaway

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Congratulations, Anna! Send me an email (jana[dot]tenbrook[at]gmail[dot]com) or message with your current address, and I’ll get everything in the mail to you!

Since there were only two entrants (and I am so very thankful for you both!), I would like to send something to the runner-up as well. So boaztheprodigy, send me an email with your top three favorite genres, and I will take a look at my shelves and send you something, too. If I don’t find anything on my shelves that I think you would like, I’ll send you a $5 B&N giftcard. filligree page divider

Thank you to everyone who shows up and reads what I have to say. I am so grateful for all of you, and hope that in this coming year I continue to improve at writing for y’all and discover many wonderful books!

What is the coolest or most random thing you have ever won?

Until the next chapter,



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