2 Years of Reviews From the Stacks!

Hello, Readers! I am so excited for this post, because today is my blog’s birthday!!

It’s hard to believe that it has been two years since I moved from my first book blog to Reviews From the Stacks, but at the same time, this platform has become so comfortable that it feels like I have been writing here for much longer than two years. Last year, for RFtS’s first birthday, I shared a lot of stats that I found interesting about my first year of blogging at this domain. I don’t think my readers cared much about that though, so this year I promise I’m not going to drown you with numbers! To celebrate RFtS turning two, I’m just going to share a few of my favorite books from the past year. Oh yeah, there’s also a giveaway…you’ll have to read to the end for that.

As a side note, if you do want to see some of the boring fascinating stats, let me know! I’m more than happy to answer any questions (as long as they are not too intrusive).

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A Few of My Favorite Things from Year Two

Favorite Nonfiction Book: Augustine’s Confessions has a particularly strong impact, but ultimately for my favorite I’m going with House of Dreams: The Life of L. M. Montgomery by Liz Rosenberg


Favorite Fiction Book Read This Year: Okay, there is realistically no way I can narrow this down to one book. Here are my top 3 (in no particular order): Shatter City (Impostors #2) by Scott Westerfeld, Dance With Me (Art of Love #1) by A.M. Heath, and Live Without You by Sarah Grace Grzy

Shatter City (Impostors #2)            Dance With Me (Art of Love, #1)               Live Without You


Favorite Poetry Collection: Black Sunday by Benjamin Myers

Black Sunday by Benjamin Myers cover


Favorite Middle Grade Book: Stand on the Sky by Erin Bow

Stand on the Sky


Favorite Christmas Book: Where Treetops Glisten by Sundin, Putman, & Goyer

Where Treetops Glisten cover


Favorite New-to-Me Author: Sarah Grace Grzy

She writes adorable and CLEAN contemporary Christian romance with a side of medical drama (see: Book Review: Live Without You by Sarah Grace Grzy), and her Instagram is incredible! Additionally, she seems like a really cool person IRL, and is the sister of one of my 2018 top new-to-me authors, Victoria Lynn.

Honorable Mention: A.M. Heath and Alessa Martel

A. M. Heath is the author of Dance with Me, and Alessa Martel wrote the American Gypsy Romance Short Story Collection

Favorite Meme/Link-up: Yarn Along, hosted by Ginny @ Small Things (Hoping this picks back up soon!)

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Giveaway Details

What’s a birthday party without presents?! (Okay, that is an incredibly materialistic thing to say. Birthday parties are not about presents and can be a lot of fun without them!) To demonstrate my appreciation for my wonderful readers, I want to send one of you a limited-edition set of 5 brightly colored ultra-fine point Sharpies, a cute set of elephant-shaped paperclips, and a $10 Barnes & Noble giftcard. Because of mailing costs, this is open to anyone in the 48 contiguous states (sorry to my international followers!). This is not sponsored by or affiliated with anyone except me. There must be at least three people entered by the time this closes at 11:59pm on February 4, 2020, central time. You must be eighteen years old to enter or have your parents’ permission to share your mailing address with me if you win.

Each of the following gets you one entry into the drawing:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite library that you have actually been to (max 1 time)
  2. Leave a comment about a library you would like to visit (real or fictional, max 1 time)
  3. Leave a separate (kind!) comment on any topic (max 3 comments)
  4. Mention Reviews From the Stacks on your blog or social media. Tag me in the post or send me a link in order for this to count. (max 3 tags)

That’s it! You do not have to have a blog to leave a comment or enter this giveaway, and I won’t even check whether you follow my blog. I will announce the winner in a post here on the blog no later than February 10.

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Thank you, Readers, for seeing Reviews From the Stacks into another year! I hope to keep blogging here for many years to come, and to read and review a lot of books in that time. It’s the interactions with y’all that makes this so special, though. Shouting into the void is fun, but knowing that someone is listening and cares about what you have to say is an incredible feeling. You encourage me just by showing up and reading. If there is ever anything that I can pray about for y’all, please know that you can reach out to me at any time through my submissions tab.

Here’s to another year full of good books and a positive blogging environment!

Until the next chapter,


12 thoughts on “2 Years of Reviews From the Stacks!

Add yours

  1. I personally love my local library out of all the libraries I’ve been to. Decatur Public Library is small, but it feels like another home to me with librarians and library assistants that are always helpful and know me and my book preferences. A library that I have always wanted to visit is the library that the Beast gives to Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s one of my favorites too! I tend to reread it when I need something lighthearted and fun (which is definitely the case given some of the things I have read recently).


  2. I have a special place in my heart for the Woodland West Library that is around the corner from my home. It went under construction for about a year after I graduated college and moved back to my hometown. Everyone waited with baited breath to see if they would destroy the heart of this little library (that later I found out is the most patroned branch in our system despite being the smallest). I think that is because of its wonderful charm and beautiful mural of woodland creatures and etched glass of literary classics. This transports you to any fictional tale you could dream up. I am glad it reopened, keeping its charm and that it still is my local library!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Now in response to visiting a favorite real or fictional library, if this included bookstores I would be at a loss. Specifically, I have a love for old buildings that have been converted into a wealth of literary imagination. However, there are some magical places I would want to visit. Like who wouldn’t want to go to the restricted section of the library in Harry Potter! Of course in the real world I do believe a beautiful place to study or get lost in would be Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland. It looks enchanting!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I know we haven’t seen each other since you graduated, but I am proud of you friend! You are always such a good listener and prayer partner. I am glad you have found an outlet for your book loving and thought provoking commentary to be expressed. Congrats on two years of your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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