#ALiteraryChristmas Reading Challenge Christmas Eve Check-In

It’s Christmas Eve! Everything has led to this (well, to tomorrow, anyways). There is just enough time for one more #ALiteraryChristmas check-in! I may not have read as many Christmas books as I would have liked, but I have written quite a few reviews, and I am happy with the way this challenge is turning out for me. Plus, it formally runs through December 31, so maybe I will slip in another book or two before the end of the year. Who knows?!

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aliterarychristmas-buttonThe #ALiteraryChristmas Reading Challenge is hosted at In the Bookcase, and you can read all about it here. I love this challenge because you get to set your own goal of how many Christmas-themed books you want to read, in any format and any genre. To participate, share your list via a post in the linkup at the challenge headquarters (above), and get reading! You can share as many updates as you want, post reviews about the books you read, and talk to other bookworms who are reading Christmas books. My sign-up post and TBR list are located here.

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Christmas Books Read Since Last Check-In:

None so far 😭. I’ve been working so hard to finish my knitting project and year-long reading goals that I haven’t had a chance to read any more Christmas books!


Other Christmas-Themed Book Reviews Posted:

Unto Him by Rebekah Morris

Red Boots by Kate Willis

Finding Christmas Joy by Amanda Tero

Kind by Kellyn Roth

Where Treetops Glisten by Goyer, Putman, and Sundin

Borrowing Amor by Kat Bellemore

Season of Love by Vivi Holt


Christmas Books I’m Currently Reading:

The Christmas Cat by Melody Carlson cover

The Christmas Cat by Melody Carlson – I saved this novella to read during the week of Christmas. The picture on the cover of the cat in front of the Christmas tree looks so cozy, so hopefully reading it will invoke those cozy Christmas feelings all week long (or, you know, the two or three days that this shorter book lasts)!

Candy Cane Murder by Joanne Fluke – My family is going to listen to this together over the next few days! I’m looking forward to this and hope we all enjoy it.

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Again, perhaps not the most conventional #ALiteraryChristmas check-in, but it’s what I can manage this month! I am so excited to be close to accomplishing all of my goals for 2019 and to then start on new goals in 2020.

How is your reading doing this month? Are you keeping up a steady pace, or does it take a hit with holiday things going on?

Merry Christmas!!

Until the next chapter,



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