Christmas Short Story Review: Red Boots by Kate Willis

A short review post for a short story!

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Red Boots by Kate Willis cover

About the Book

Title: Red Boots

Author: Kate Willis

Genre: Historical Fiction, Christmas

Publication Date: December 2017

Synopsis (from Goodreads): Old Joey’s lips fell open in astonishment as he examined a pair of boots. They were bright red, standing out like a forgotten apple on an autumn tree. He whistled, long and low. “Red boots!”

A pair of shiny red boots bring unexpected Christmas joy to a shopkeeper and a little girl.

A very short story

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My Thoughts

Red Boots is a wonderful example of how simple Christmas really can be. This story could easily be incorporated into a lesson on generosity or combating a commercialized view of Christmas. There isn’t a lot to it; the story is written plainly, without a lot of frills, but gets the message across in a fun way: you get back more than you give when you give with an honest and kind heart.

The Verdict

Read Red Boots by Kate Willis for a short Christmas-themed pick-me-up.

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I read Red Boots specifically for the #ALiteraryChristmas Reading Challenge, and I am glad that I picked it up! I’m thankful for this challenge introducing me to more Christmas-themed books than I could hope to read in a year, and for encouraging me to make time for at least a few of them.

Until the next chapter,


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