New Release Spotlight & Review: Wedding Score by Amanda Tero

Author Amanda Tero is releasing a new novella this month! I received a complimentary copy of Wedding Score for participating in the cover reveal on Instagram. I am so excited to share this book. Its unique message is timely, and something that I think a lot of young people will benefit from reading.

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Wedding Score cover by Amanda TeroAbout the Book

Title: Wedding Score

Author: Amanda Tero

Genre: Contemporary Novella, Inspirational

Publication Date: October 25, 2019

Synopsis: Most girls dream of their wedding days. Except me. I’m too busy practicing piano and being the live soundtrack for everyone else’s weddings to think about my own. I’ve survived most of my twenties with harmonious chords and pleasant days.

So why is it that now, at twenty-seven, a discordant feeling presents itself? Is there a solid solution to loneliness when there is absolutely no potential husband on the horizon?

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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My Thoughts

I didn’t know I needed this story until I read it. For a short story, it holds a powerful message. The protagonist, Stephanie, is a nearly 30 year old single pianist. The fact that she is single is central to the story, as all of her friends and relatives of a similar age seem to be caught up in romantic relationship. Stephanie struggles with feelings of loneliness, awkward conversations, and insufficiency. However, unlike many heroines of a similar background, she turns to her faith for support. To deal with the emotional chaos and sometimes overwhelming loneliness she feels, she reads her Bible, prays, and keeps living her life. She doesn’t change anything about who she is, she doesn’t rush out and try to meet new people in sketchy situations, she just keeps on keeping on. By the end of the Wedding Score, she is not engaged (spoiler, #sorrynotsorry)! She is still single, and she is okay with that.


The Verdict

I really love the ending of this story. Actually, I love just about everything about it, but I really love the ending, because nothing dramatic happens. Stephanie doesn’t struggle with feeling lonely or insufficient only until she meets the right person – she deals with her feelings maturely and figures out how to live happily with the life she has. I cannot do this story or its message justice; just know that I highly recommend Wedding Score by Amanda Tero!

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I hope you will check out Wedding Score! The message of contentment and not needing to be in a relationship is so important, and not one that is seen often. This novella is well written and full of heart. Join me in congratulating Amanda on this release!

Until the next chapter,


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