Autumn 2019 Reading Challenge, etc

In case you hadn’t picked up on the fact yet, I’m a big fan of reading challenges. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to reading challenges, lists, and prompts! I like the direction and energy they give to my reading, as long as I don’t let the pressure get out of hand. The other day I came across a fall reading challenge that Popsugar put out in 2016:

I like a lot of the ideas on the list, and decided to see if they had released one this year. I found one for all of 2019, but nothing seasonal. Still, I really like the idea of a 3(ish) month reading challenge, so I kept looking. I came across some fun and interesting stuff while searching, and I thought y’all might like to hear about everything, too! This post is going to be random and rambling, full of links (none of which are affiliate links or endorsed in any way or anything else like that), and hopefully will help you figure out what you want to read this season! filligree page divider

  • I found an impressive list of 12 Books that are Perfect for a Cozy Fall Day while digging around Popsugar, then decided to look elsewhere. Pinterest and Goodreads are both very useful for finding book lists and for making book recommendations to fill the slots on those lists!
  • If you’re into mysteries and thrillers, Bookish has a slightly more complicated mystery book bingo challenge going on. They have a lot of monthly reading challenges, too, but I don’t see anything that lasts for an entire season.
  •  Michele Pariza Wacek, an author who I had not heard of, posted her Fall Reading Challenge at the beginning of September. I considered coming back to this one, but it has more Halloween-themed slots than I would prefer.
  • Jenn @ Jenniely recently did an Autumn-themed tag that looks very fun.
  • Finally, I remembered that one of the public libraries close to me announced a post-Summer Reading challenge, and I decided to check it out. The library set out 10 categories as a goal, and the point is to try to read one book for each category between August and the end of 2019. The categories are: Banned Books, Different Perspectives, Favorite Author, Faraway Places, Staff Favorite, Multicultural Main Character, Graphic Novel, Book to Film, Biography or Memoir, and Award-Winning Book. I went ahead and signed up for this, even though it’s hosted by a library outside of the system I usually use.

There are a lot of fun things going on in the book world this season! Unfortunately, none are exactly what I was looking for at the moment, but that’s okay. I’m going to see how I do on Popsugar’s 2016 fall challenge (the first one mentioned above), although I don’t plan on going out of my way to read something that will fulfill every slot. I still have my own 2019 Reading Goals to complete, anyways! Plus, fall only started on Monday. I’ll keep an eye out, and maybe something new will post in the next week or so that will grab my attention!

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Are you participating in any reading challenges this season? If not, what is a book you always want to read or a movie you always want to watch when fall officially starts?

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