September TBR + General Update

September begins my favorite time of the year! Or at least, it ends my least favorite. To be completely honest, I don’t have just one favorite season, but summer is definitely my least favorite. This year I am especially glad for the Summer Reading hustle to be over at the library. I love the Summer Reading program, it just brings an entirely different level of crazy which (usually) does not exist for the rest of the year. Also, the air conditioner at my library has been problematic for most of the summer, and finally went out completely last week, so I am also glad to be in the homestretch away from triple digit heat.

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Before I get into this month’s TBR, I want to address something. Early this year I bought The House of the Seven Gables, having never read it, and decided to see if there was any interest in my hosting a read-along of it this fall. There was some interest, so I began planning. Then, I actually read the book. I’m not going to say it is a bad book or that it doesn’t deserve its place in the gothic canon…I’m just going to say that I am disappointed. Enormously disappointed. To the point that I have no idea how I could come up with enough content to fill out a months worth of read-along posts without driving myself insane. So, unfortunately, I have decided not to host this read-along after all. I hate backing out of something I said I was going to do, but I know that going through with this would not be enjoyable or create a positive environment. It would be weak, stressful, and most likely incredibly boring. I’m sorry. It just isn’t going to happen.

Fancy and floral dividers (2)

Sad news aside, let’s get into something more pleasant: my September TBR! After last month’s check-in on my 2019 Reading Goals, I came up with a few categories to prioritize in September in order to get closer to my reading goals.

September TBR, Categorically

  1. Focus more on nonfiction
  2. Add in a few middle grade books (especially the ones I need to finish the Chronicles of Narnia)
    1. I finished The Silver Chair on the 1st, so I only have The Last Battle left in The Chronicles of Narnia!
  3. Keep prioritizing books set in states not yet marked off of my USA map for the year
  4. Make sure I read at least 1 Christmas book, because I’m supposed to read at least 1 each quarter and I have not yet got one in this quarter.
    1. I really want to read either Christmas with Cocoa by Cleopatra Margot or Finding Christmas Joy by Amanda Tero, but since both of them are indie authors, the library does not carry them. I don’t know if my budget can accommodate buying books at the moment, so we’ll have to see what works out!
  5. Something recommended by someone at the library
    1. Even though I have had a list of these going since the beginning of the year, I have recently asked people for more specific recommendations, like what they enjoy by certain authors or in genres that I don’t usually read, so my list is more than decent sized now.

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Mysteriously, I found myself out of physical books to read on Tuesday. On Tuesdays I tend to have extra time on the desk at the library, and on this particular Tuesday, I spent a good chunk of time going through our catalogue and comparing it to my Goodreads TBR list. This is a dangerous past-time, and I got a bit carried away with putting things on reserve. There’s no need to share numbers, but I will admit that I do not think I have ever had this many items on hold at one time. Granted, a few are recommendations for purchase that I have submitted, a few are newer movies which will take a long time to get to me, and a few I even suspended so that everything shouldn’t come in all at the same time. I’ve already gotten five books in though. The good news is, I can take any of them back at any time if I find I won’t be able to read it in a reasonable amount of time, and now I have a guaranteed steady flow of incoming books for the next…approximately two months. I’ll do a library haul post soon when I think everything that is going to come in soon, has.

Even though we’re less than a full week into September, I have already finished a few books! I’m not sure if I will be reviewing them here though. One is an ARC that releases in October, so I’m for sure holding onto that review until closer to the release date.

I hope y’all don’t mind that this post ended up so rambly. Do you set a monthly TBR? What are you looking forward to this month? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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  1. I like that you are prioritizing certain types of books for your TBR instead of just a list of titles! I’ve never thought to structure a monthly TBR quite like that, but I think it would be extra conducive to mood readers or people who frequently look at their TBR and think “eh, I just don’t feel like reading that particular book at the moment anymore”… which I know I’m guilty of quite often. Best of luck the rest of this month!!

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