Yarn Along {September 2019}

Hello, Readers! Welcome to September’s Yarn Along linkup!

Fancy and floral dividers (2)

Yarn Along is a monthly link up hosted at Small Things. The point is to share our yarn-type projects (such as knitting, crochet, or similar) as well as the books we are reading. I love watching others’ projects develop, and of course I love hearing about the books people are reading, too! You can see everyone’s linked posts and the guidelines at the host’s site, here.

Fancy and floral dividers (2)


Confession: For the second month in a row, the only time I touched my knitting this month was when I moved it from one desktop to another. I can have all the ambition in the world of completing this baby sweater and starting on a toddler sized one next, I’m just really struggling to find the time to actually work on it. Since knitting in the round is not a technique I am comfortable with yet, it takes a lot of concentration and time to make any progress, so unlike with some projects, I can’t just pick it up and throw on a few rows between chores or before bed.

Reading, on the other hand, has gone very well and quickly in the past few weeks. I read a total of 8 books in August, reached my 2019 Goodreads Goal, and marked off two more sections of my personal 2019 Reading Challenge. The books in the picture are (from top to bottom):

  • Dear Fahrenheit 451 by Annie Spence, a nonfiction audiobook I am about to start
  • Library Wars vol. 1, a manga I recently read (bonus: this is my first time reading magna, ever)
  • Hearing God’s Voice by Henry and Richard Blackaby, my current breakfast read. I like starting my day with theology, and my grandparent’s church went through a phase where they were obsessed with Blackaby, so I finally decided to read one of his books.
  • The Silver Chair (Chronicles of Narnia #4/6) by C.S. Lewis, which I also recently finished.Fancy and floral dividers (2)

Honestly, I am not entirely sure if the current sweater on my needles will ever get done. My original reason for making this baby-sized sweater was to try out the pattern and see if I could hack it with circular knitting, because I am committed to making a toddler/young child sized sweater by Christmas. I haven’t quite decided yet, but I may have to set aside the baby sweater and just jump into the larger one, in order to have it done in time. Mostly, I just need to rethink my balance of reading, writing, and knitting time, and make more time for knitting.

What are you working on this month? Share about your projects or the book you’re currently reading in the comments, and don’t forget to check out Ginny’s site to see what everyone else is doing!

Until the next chapter,


4 thoughts on “Yarn Along {September 2019}

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  1. Congrats on reaching your Goodreads Reading Goal! I’m still working on my own Goodreads Challenge, I still have quite a ways to go, but that’s what I get for making a large goal…whoops!

    I’m currently working on a crocheted shawl at the moment, a simple stitch that I can work while listening to a book or while watching YouTube/Hulu. I hope you get your sweater done for Christmas!

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