Double Blog Tour + Book Review: By Paths Unknown by Rebekah Morris & A Brother is Born by Angie Thompson

Hello, Readers! I get to take part in a DOUBLE book release blog tour today for Rebekah A. Morris and Angie Thompson’s new books; there is a lot going on in this post, so I’m not going to write much of an intro. There are so many fun things in this post, so read all the way through!Fancy and floral dividers (2)

BookBrushImage-2019-6-30-9-1844My Review: By Paths Unknown by Rebekah Morris

By Paths Unknown is a wholesome story of a family learning to keep living in the midst of grief. It’s not a long book, and it doesn’t get very deep into the family’s grief, but at the same time it doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the messiness of life.

Our protagonist is a high school student named Austin. He takes on a lot of responsibility when his mom dies, and things don’t get any easier when his dad spontaneously moves the family back to his home town. Throughout the year following his mother’s death Austin learns to navigate an entirely new life, and while he is not perfect, he handles everything pretty well. I enjoyed watching him develop throughout the book, going from overwhelmed to confident and always working toward finding his place.

The faith element is strong throughout By Paths Unknown, but not overbearing. There isn’t much (any?) explanation; it’s just slipped in as a matter of fact. Personally, I really liked this. The point of this book is not to convert anyone. The family is shown living their lives as Christians without much discussion. Church, prayer, and Bible study are all mentioned frequently, and characters encourage each other to trust God and follow Him. It’s not complicated or pushy, but it is not something that can be ignored.

My only criticism is the author’s overuse of the word “for” where “because” or another would make more sense. It isn’t inherently wrong, per se, but I found it annoying. Overall, though, the story, writing, and characters are all very well done. The author’s voice may still be young, but it is solid and more than adept. I highly recommend By Paths Unknown to fans of Christian contemporary or even Westerns, especially if you’re looking for something without any romance.

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Book Details

By Paths Unknown by Rebekah MorrisTitle: By Paths Unknown

Author: Rebekah Morris

Goodreads Blurb: Austin Sparks is doing his best to hold his family together in the wake of his mom’s death, but the world continues to spin out of his control. When his dad announces that the family is moving to their grandparents’ ranch in South Dakota, it’s anyone’s guess whether the change will bring healing or just more heartache.

Back on the ranch, Austin finds hope in the familiar surroundings and help in his loving clan of relatives. But can his dad somehow overcome his grief? Will his siblings ever feel at home? And can Austin trust God to guide them all even when the path seems darkest?

Purchase Link: Amazon


a brother is born my angie thompson coverTitle: A Brother is Born

Author: Angie Thompson

Goodreads Blurb: With a new foster kid joining Alex Carson’s family, everyone is prepared for changes. So when Benny slips into the tight-knit group with barely a ripple, the family is at once surprised and delighted.

But beneath the surface, deeper waters are stirred as Alex finds herself at odds with Jess over his jokes on the unsuspecting and gullible Benny. Will Jess’s teasing and her own insecurities separate Alex from her brother? Or can a surprising source teach them a needed lesson in love?

Purchase Link: Amazon

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BookBrushImage-2019-6-29-11-427.png“We’ll read about it every now and then in the papers and say, ‘ah yes, I knew him when he was normal.’”
“Wait, when was that?” Ty asked, and Jess threw a jacket at him.
“Normaler,” Johnny corrected with a laugh. –A Brother is Born by Angie Thompson

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In Conclusion

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I haven’t read anything by Angie Thompson, but if Rebekah endorses her enough to share a book release blog tour, I know her work must be good! To learn more about these books, visit Rebekah’s website for more info and a list of all the other tour stops. I am so thankful for the chance to read and review By Paths Unknown, and I can’t wait to read A Brother is Born!

Until the next chapter,



I received a complimentary copy of By Paths Unknown. All opinions expressed are true and completely my own.

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