Yarn Along {July 2019 Edition}

Yarn Along is a monthly link up hosted at Small Things. The point is to share our yarn-type projects (such as knitting, crochet, or similar) as well as the books we are reading. I love watching others’ projects develop, and of course I love hearing about the books people are reading, too! You can see everyone’s linked posts and the guidelines at the host’s site, linked above.

Fancy and floral dividers (2)

Summer isn’t a typical time for prolific knitting. There are so many outdoor activities, and sitting in the sun making a new blanket or what-have-you simply is not as enjoyable as curling up by the fire with the same materials in winter or fall.

That said, if I am going to have sweaters made for my nephews by Christmas, I had better keep working steadily now. As I mentioned last month, this is my first attempt at a sweater, so I am learning as I go. The biggest trouble I have run into so far has been failing to remember or mark what the last row I completed was, so that when I picked the project up again at least a week later, I had to guess. Luckily I realized my mistake by the end of the first round that day. I have finished the collar, and am working on shaping the body of the sweater at the moment. Soon I will mark where the sleeves will attach with scrap yarn, so that I can come back and knit them last. I am curious how this is going to work out since I have not done anything like it before.

I don’t have anything else on my needles at the moment. As for what I’m reading, I am still working through Cloud Atlas, but it has gotten more interesting. Some of the dialect used in a few of the stories is difficult though, and just when I thought I had picked up speed and was making real progress, I found myself a bit tripped up again. If I don’t finish Cloud Atlas by its due date, I don’t know what I’ll do. Either reserve another copy from the library or buy my own, I guess, although starting over would be more frustrating than anything.

I have also started reading The House of the Seven Gables in preparation for the read-along I plan to host in October. I haven’t done as much work preparing for that as I had hoped to by this point, but I’m not worried yet. So far, I suspect a large amount of foreshadowing, but obviously I am not sure of anything! I am only a few chapters in. If you’ve read this book before, I would love to hear your thoughts on it! What should I watch out for? Which sections are your favorite? Is there anything cryptic you can tell me now that will prove useful later on?

Fancy and floral dividers (2)

Do you have any summer projects you’re working on? Let me know in the comments what your favorite summertime craft or hobby is!


Until the next chapter,


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