Book Review: Strength by Lauren Salisbury

Hello Readers! Despite how rocky June was, I am determined to get back on track with scheduled posting in July. I cannot promise to be entirely consistent this month, but I do have several things that I want to write about, so I am doing my best. Today’s review is the third book in Lauren Salisbury’s Legacy Chronicles series: Strength (explanation to come as to why the info below lists it as book #2).

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Title: Strength

Author: Lauren Salisbury

Genre: Biblical Fiction/Science Fiction

Release Date: 27 March 2019

About: First she has to fight to adopt her son; then she has to fight to keep him.

Reemah is a Ra’hos. She has led a life of privilege and luxury, flouting the rules to suit her every whim. Now she must face the consequences of breaking those rules to save a human infant. What will her father demand in return for allowing her latest, most reprehensible, disobedience?

Mahsan has grown up in a world where he doesn’t belong—always alone, always less than his peers. He longs for a place to fit in, a place to be himself. Can discovering the truth about his past hold the key to his future happiness?

Amidst court intrigue and deadly plots, will one mother and son out-manœuvre unseen enemies to stay together, or will rash decisions tear them apart?

Content Warnings: None

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My Thoughts

There are three books currently published in Lauren Salisbury’s Legacy Chonicles series: Courage, Convictionand Strength (links go to my reviews). However, rather than being books number one, two, and three, they are numbers one, one point five, and two. The series is a re-imagining of the story of Moses from the Bible. The farther I get into this series, the more fascinating the idea is to me; while remaining true to the Bible, Salisbury has transported the familiar characters into a sci-fi landscape filled with space cruisers, aliens with complicated social constructs, and purple trees. The majority of Strength takes place on the lead cruiser, allowing a closer look at the ruling race than the previous books.

Even though I knew approximately what would happen in Strength based on my knowledge of Moses, the story still held my attention. All of the characters in Strength are more tangible than in previous books, and I enjoyed seeing the world from Reemah’s perspective very much, as we had only gotten glimpses of this before. My favorite character this time around is Lorith, one of Reemah’s father’s advisers and a military elite.


Since Strength covers the period Moses spent in the Egyptian palace and the Bible has very little to say about this time, there is certainly plenty of room for the author’s creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Mahson’s life as Reemah’s son, learning about the political and social expectations of the alien race, and seeing how Salisbury would continue to weave Biblical truths into science fiction. This series sets itself apart as unique, substantial, and praiseworthy. I cannot wait for the next installment! I strongly recommend this series to fans of Biblical Fiction or Science Fiction. My only warning is that if you dislike alternate histories, you are not likely to enjoy this.

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Another week is over! It’s crazy how every once in a while I realize just how fast time is moving, yet I wouldn’t slow it down for the world because there is still so much I am working towards and want to see soon! I joined a system-wide committee at work, which means I get to visit a different library every month. It also means I have taken on a little extra work and responsibilities, but they are so worth the experiences and hands-on learning I am gaining. I am going to play around with some different post scheduling this month, in an effort to be more consistent but adjust to my “new normal” schedule.

To my American readers, did you do anything fun yesterday for the 4th? Mine was pretty lowkey. I enjoyed sleeping in, spending time with my immediate family, and coffee from one of my regular mugs, rather than a travel mug. Nothing wrong with the travel mug I take to work every day; coffee mugs are just one of the little things I appreciate in my time at home.

Happy July!

Until the next chapter,



Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author. I happily provided my honest review. All thoughts and views expressed are my own.

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