May Wrap Up 2019

Wow, what a month it’s been! It seems like just yesterday I wrote by May TBR/goals post, and that the week before was January! At the same time, I’ve already become (mostly) comfortable in my new job. Oklahoma is definitely trying to get all the severe storms in that it can before summer starts, which has caused more stress and also limited the amount of time that I can spend reading or writing. That said, it’s been a bit of a slow blogging month, but I can’t feel bad with all the other things going on in life.

I only managed to completely read two books this month, although I started several others. I’m pretty sure I had a record number of DNFs this month. For some reason, a lot of the books I tried to read just fell flat. Here’s an overview, followed by a few more thoughts:

Total Books Read: 3                          Average Rating: 4.5

📚 The Sea Before Us (Sunrise at Normandy #1) by Sarah Sundin: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Up From the Sea by Amanda Dykes cover📚 Up From the Sea (Whose Waves These Are #0.5) by Amanda Dykes: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (read my review here)

I did not intend to have an ocean theme, but there it is! Both of these books are historical fiction with a side of sweet romance and spiritual/personal growth. While they are obviously very different stories, both have appropriately flawed characters who overcome their weaknesses in order to do something that matters for those they love. As for the rest of the books from my May TBR list:

📚 Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell: I’m still reading this. It is taking FOREVER, but I am determined to get through it. Unless I have reached my renewal limit and have to return it to the library. I’m not actually sure when it’s due at this point.

📚 The Shadowverse by John-Clement Gallo: DNF. The genre is not one of my favorites, and the story needs some more work before it will be ready for a general audience.

📚 The Movement of Stars  by Amy Brill: Technically, I am still reading this as well, but I am not sure I will finish it. As excited as I was to start reading about a woman astronomer from the 1800s, I really have not enjoyed this book so far. The protagonist is obnoxious and I cannot seem to connect with her about anything. She is selfish and almost doesn’t seem to fit in the setting; it’s like the author took someone with today’s social convictions and dropped them back in time, and I just don’t think it works. Not that I agree with the prejudices or social expectations from the time, I just don’t think that the protagonist would really behave or think the way she does. There are too many historical inconsistencies and a lack of resonance between characters. Still, the premise is interesting, and I have not made my final decision to give up entirely yet.

Fancy and floral dividers (2)

Aside from not reading as much this month, I also unintentionally failed to participate in any of the weekly or monthly memes that I usually do! In honor of all the missed WWW Wednesdays, here’s a look at what I am currently reading (a June TBR post will follow this one soon with a look at the books I hope to read next month):

📚 Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

Genre: Experimental Fiction

Yes, I’m still reading this. Who knows if I will have time to ever finish it or not.


📚 The Movement of Stars by Amy Brill

Genre: Historical Fiction

See above discussion.


📚 The Nothing Within by Andy Geisler

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic/Speculative Fiction

So far, this book is as fascinating as it is weird. Figuring out exactly what “The Reckoning” is creates a mysterious atmosphere, and the voices are so unique but believable. I am close to halfway through and have no idea how I am going to rate or review this book because it is so inexplicable. Unfortunately, there is a good deal of vulgarity, which makes the story much less enjoyable than it could be.


📚 Godology: Because Knowing God Changes Everything by Christian George

Genre: Nonfiction, Christian Life

This is a book I had to buy for a class in college, which we never ended up reading. It’s written by a professor I had (no surprise there) with a very casual tone. It is interesting, although at this point it sounds like a lot of other books I have read about modern Christianity. We’ll see how the rest of it goes.

Fancy and floral dividers (2)

And, in honor of the May Yarn-Along over at Small Things, here are a few pictures of what I managed to knit. It turns out knitting coasters is a great thing to do while watching the weather during storms; I did the red basketweave one pretty quickly. The blue and black coffee coaster is actually one single coaster which is reversible, so the colors are opposite on either side. This is my first time attempting anything reversible, and while it is not flawless I am happy with the result. Not pictured, I also worked on a bookmark that will say “Read!” when it is done. At the moment it just says “Rea.” Finally, but also not pictured, I have another coaster currently on my needles which I am trying out a new chevron stitch pattern on. It’s coming along nicely, I just haven’t had more than a few minutes at a time to work on it. If only I could take this to the library and work on it when the desk is slow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I think that is about all that happened this month that is blog-related. I’m looking forward to starting the Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge in June, and the Summer Reading program at my library officially kicks off June 1st, so I have spent some time preparing for that. I did not get much done on preparing the House of Seven Gables Reading Challenge I will be hosting in October, but there is still time for that!

In other news, I harvested my first Cherry Tomatoes this month! My plant has gotten much taller than I expected, and we’re currently fighting some ant-like bugs on it, but I am excited to have harvested the first vegetables from my container garden! My Cone Flowers are doing okay too, but none of them have any buds yet.

What was the best thing that happened to you this month (it doesn’t have to be book or blog related!)?

Until the next chapter,


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