WWW Wednesday 3/13/2019

Welcome to another WWW Wednesday! The past few weeks have been very happily book-filled, so I have a lot to talk about today. Let’s get into it!

For those who may not know: WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme currently hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. The three W’s stand for the following questions: What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish? What do you think you’ll read next? To participate, make a post or comment answering the three questions, link up to the host (Sam)’s post, and check out what others are reading and talking about! I typically participate once a month, in the middle of the month, as a sort of halfway check-in on my monthly reading goals.

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What are you currently reading?

  • Lisette's List by Susan Vreeland coverIs it any surprise that Lisette’s List by Susan Vreeland is still here? It shouldn’t be. I am about 3/4 finished, and hope to finish it soon.


  • It’s Not What You Think: Why Christianity is About So Much More than Going to Heaven When You Die by Jefferson Bethke is my current Christian nonfiction read. Aside from the title taking so long to type, it’s moving pretty quickly. So far, a significant amount of time has been spent on addressing issues with a viewpoint that I do not hold, so it is not as relevant as I hoped. I do think that what Bethke is saying is important though, and I expect later in the book he will cover things that are personally relevant to me.


  • I signed up for Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited during a promo recently, and the first book I downloaded was Janette Oke’s When Calls the Heart. This series, both the book version and Hallmark version, has been on my radar for a while now. I was hesitant to pick it up due to all the hype the fact that I don’t particularly care for Oke’s Love Comes Softly series. However, when Faith @ Stories by Firefly participated in a week-long blog party all about When Calls the Heart, I realized how much it sounds like something I would like. So I decided to jump in, and so far I am really enjoying it!


What did you recently finish?

The Afterlives of Doctor Gachet coverSince last month’s WWW Wednesday, I have finished nine books! Here are the ones I reviewed on the blog:

  1. Treasure of Hope (Cliff Walk Courtships #3) by Cecily Wolfe (my review)
  2. Samuel’s Journey: Choices and Changes by Emma Trusty (my review)
  3. The Afterlives of Doctor Gachet by Sam Meekings (my review) *Note: This is one of the deepest books I have read in a long time, and despite the good string of books I’ve been reading recently, this one stands out as the best.

I also read two short stories, two nonfiction books, and a few others that I  will have reviews up for soon!


What do you think you will read next?

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell coverFor a full list, see my March TBR post. I’ve already mentally adjusted the list a little though. I now have four books from the library, so they’re a pretty high priority, plus one that I will be participating in a blog tour for next month, and a few others that I am excited to read soon. Also, I’ve told myself that I cannot start Cloud Atlas until I finish Lisette’s List, even though I am really looking forward to that one. Here’s how the top of my list currently stands:

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I am really enjoying this season. Somehow, amid all the excitement and business of life, I am managing to find a significant amount of time for reading, and most of the books I have picked up have turned out to be very good! There are a lot of books that I am looking forward to reading in the near future (assuming things generally continue as they have), and for once I do not feel rushed to get through any just-okay books. I hope this trend continues through the spring.

Question of the Day: Have you read anything really good recently? Want to talk about what you’re reading now, or something you’re excited to read? Let me know in the comments, or feel free to join in with your own post or comment over on Sam’s blog!


Until the next chapter,



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