New Release Spotlight + Giveaway: Snowball and the Missing Apple by Amie Woleslagle

Hello readers! 

Today I have a post that is slightly unusual but so very sweet. A blogger whom I follow, Amie of Crazy A, has written and published a children’s book! The best part? The book features her pet rabbit, Snowball, who is a familiar face on her blog. Today I get to take part in the blog tour celebrating this book release, and I am so excited!

I rarely review children’s books, but as a library worker (and as an aunt, and just as a former reader of children’s books) I have a vested interest in knowing what is out there in every type of literature possible. That said, I am thrilled to write this spotlight on Amie and her book, Snowball and the Missing Apple.filligree page divider

About the Book (Official Blurb):

Snowball loves apples. When his apple goes missing, he knows that he must find who took it. A charming children’s book with funny pictures, an engaging message, and animals, perfect for early readers or to read aloud to your 2-5 year old.

This on its own sounds adorable, and then when you add to it the fact that the real-life Snowball looks like this:


The cute factor is off the charts here! I would gladly pick this book up for the toddlers in my life to find out what happens to Snowball’s apples. filligree page divider

About the Author:

Amie Woleslagle author photo

Amie is a wild, crazy writer who is either daydreaming or talking a hundred miles an hour.  When she is not doing those two things, she is probably reading or jamming on one of the four instruments she plays. Writing is her overwhelming passion, but she is also passionate about horses, music, acting, photography, blogging, and living life to glorify her Creator and Lord.  She is the second oldest of seven children and enjoys being dramatic with her four sisters. Whether it is in Amie’s writing or in her words, she enjoys making people laugh.

Her Social Links:

Blog | Instagram | Youtube | Newsletter

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The Giveaway:

Amie is running a giveaway for one copy of Snowball and the Missing Apple, a stuffed rabbit, and some stickers (pictured above).

Click here to enter the giveaway!

filligree page dividerThe Bottom Line: If there are young children in your life or if you appreciate children’s books for any reason at all, I encourage you to check out Snowball and the Missing Apple. You can see the entire blog tour schedule and learn more about Amie, Snowball, and their book on Amie’s blog, and the book is available to purchase here!

Congratulations on publishing, Amie! And congratulations on being in a book, Snowball!

Question of the day: Do you ever read children’s books?

My Answer: Definitely; between babysitting and my job at the library, there would be no escaping it even if I wanted to 😂.

Until the next chapter,


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