January Wrap-Up + February Goals

Hello readers! I hope January was good to you, or at least taught you something new! Has anyone kept up with their New Year’s resolutions so far? I didn’t make any specific resolutions, but I did set some goals for the year and I am mostly on track with them at the moment. January was a very full month for me, and I expect February will be too. Let’s see how I did on my monthly goals. filligree page divider

January’s Goals:

Reading Goals:

❄ Read 5 books: ✔ Goodreads says I read 7, but that includes two picture books I read during shifts at the library and a short story. Still, I’m going to count this as accomplished.

❄ Read 1 nonfiction book on a topic I don’t know much about/learn something new: ✔ Yes! This month I read Ground Rules: 100 Easy Lessons for Growing a More Glorious Garden by Kate Frey. The tips were interesting, and while not necessarily something that I can use right now, I liked reading it! I’m planning on trying  container gardening this spring, and experimenting with window boxes or small windowsill pots.

Blogging Goals:

❄ Post around 3x a week: ✔ Since I said “around” three times a week, it counts. There were a few weeks I only got two posts up, but that’s still around three.

❄ Write at least 4 book reviews: ✖ This one is a miss. Actually, I technically did write at least four reviews, but I did not post all of them. One is of a Christmas story which will be posted next December, and I wrote a few short reviews on Goodreads but they weren’t in-depth enough for a whole blog post. The three reviews I did get posted are The Blue Bench by Paul MarrinerThief of Corinth by Tessa Afshar, and Throne of Grace by Cecily Wolfe.

❄ Outline February’s content and organize reviews for February and March: ❔ Erm…not exactly. I have book reviews planned through February and a general idea for March, but not the thorough schedule that I usually prefer.

❄ Check out any new reading challenges that pop up in the first part of the year which I may not have noticed in December: ✔ I added two more reading challenges to my lineup this month (although they both fit pretty well alongside some of my previously-designated challenges): The European Reading Challenge hosted by Rose City Reader, for which I will read 5 books set in different European countries, and the first level of the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge from The Quiet Pond. For the first level you read between 1 and 10 books by Asian authors. For every ten applicable books read, you get a badge and go up a level.

Life Goals:

❄ Decide if any of my year-long goals need tweaking in order to be reasonable: ✔

❄ Get everything needed to make a T-shirt quilt from shirts I have been saving: ✔

❄ Set professional development goals at work and create a new display every week: ❔ Work has been a bit chaotic since we’re still in the process of filling an open position which shares a lot of responsibilities with my position. Also, there is still some ironing out to be done in the company’s annual goal-setting process. I should have mine set by the end of the week, and I got a new display up a few times but I don’t think it was exactly every week.filligree page divider

I did pretty well on January’s goals! I honestly couldn’t remember all of them before beginning this post, so I was a little concerned. But it all turned out well! Now for next months goals…

February Goals:

Reading Goals:

💕Read at least 4 books

💕Choose a series to finish and start the next book in it

💕Read at least 1 nonfiction book

Blogging Goals:

💕 Post approximately three times a week

💕Participate in some sort of blogging challenge, linkup, or tour

💕Post 4 book reviews

💕Outline content for March

Life/Etc Goals/Expectations:

💕Celebrate lots of birthdays (several family members have birthdays this month)

💕Plan my next few displays at the library filligree page divider

I intentionally did not list as much for February as I would have liked to, because January felt so chaotic much of the time, and I’d like to allow February to calm down a bit without too much pressure. Also, I have several other things going on which don’t exactly count as “goals” but are things I need to be working on, such as preparing for a talent show I have agreed to enter with a coworker and filing taxes. I’ve also started working on a semi-secret project (Instagram followers have already heard a little about this), and while I am very excited, this project wants more of my time than I am able to give while maintaining my sanity and health. So I’m adjusting my schedule and trying to find the best way to give everything the time it needs. If things go well, more information on this project will be forthcoming…eventually.

Also (and I realize this is completely unrelated to the world of book blogging, but it’s a secondary obsession of mine, so oh well), the US figure skating national championships were January 18-27, and that was a roller coaster! ICYMI, in the ladies event we crowned the youngest champion ever with Alysa Liu being just 13 and approximately two months younger than the previous record holder (Tara Lipinski). There were many great performances at this event and at European Nationals, which occurred at the same time. I’m eager to see how our team fares at the Four Continents Championship this week and Worlds the following weekend. There is always something dramatic happening in this sport, and watching the competitions is a highlight of winter for me.

I’ll end this tangent with this video of the free skate (longer program) Nathan Chen gave to claim his third straight US Nationals title, which also broke a few records:

What are your reading/life goals for February? Is Valentine’s Day a big deal to you? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal to me, except that it is an excuse to bake cookies and hang out with my mutually single friends. And there are lots of cute fluffy romance books being published/promoted.

Until the next chapter,


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