February Wrap-Up + March Goals!

Hello y'all! Tomorrow is the last day of February, and I've got my monthly wrap-up post done a touch early! This month has been packed for me, and I hope yours has been filled with all good things. Let's see how I did on this month's goals and reading plan... February Goals: Reading Goals: 💕Read... Continue Reading →

Book Sale Haul: Monday Mini 2/25/2019

Hey y'all! I hope you're all doing well. It seems like winter is really dragging on in some places, although here in Oklahoma it is merely cold while still being bright. For today's Monday Mini post I'm highlighting an event I attended this weekend supporting my local library. Part of the reason I'm posting this... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Samuel’s Journey by Emma Trusty

Happy Friday! This week inadvertently became something of a Children's Lit Week here at Reviews From the Stacks. ICYMI, on Tuesday I highlighted a new picture book release: Snowball and the Missing Apple (see Tuesday's post for all the info). Today I'm reviewing another children's book: Samuel's Journey: Choices and Changes by Emma Trusty. Personally, I think it is... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday 2/20/2019

Hey y'all! Welcome to the February edition of WWW Wednesday on Reviews From the Stacks! I am even more excited about today's WWW Wednesday than usual because my reading has been fairly intense recently. There is so much that I could talk about with the books I've read recently, even beyond what is included here!... Continue Reading →

New Release Spotlight + Giveaway: Snowball and the Missing Apple by Amie Woleslagle

Hello readers!  Today I have a post that is slightly unusual but so very sweet. A blogger whom I follow, Amie of Crazy A, has written and published a children's book! The best part? The book features her pet rabbit, Snowball, who is a familiar face on her blog. Today I get to take part... Continue Reading →

Mood Boosting Music (Monday Mini 2/18/2019)

Hey y'all! For those of you who may be new or unfamiliar with the concept, Monday Mini is a frequent feature here on Reviews From the Stacks where I write a short post about something I hope will bring a smile to your face. My goal is to give you something good in your Monday,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Crown of Beauty by Cecily Wolfe (Cliff Walk Courtships #2)

Happy Friday y'all! Today I get to share with you a review of another fun historical romance! This is the second book in the Cliff Walk Courtships trilogy (find my review of book one here!), which I am really enjoying. Title: Crown of Beauty (Cliff Walk Courtships #2) Author: Cecily Wolfe Genre: Historical Fiction (18th c), Christian... Continue Reading →

Hear My Heart + 5 Non-Romantic Literary Relationships

Hello y'all! I'm starting off this post with some thoughts that have been running around my head as Valentine's Day approaches, and following that I'm sharing a few of my favorite non-romance-focused literary relationships! I am completely open to continuing this dialogue if you have something to add, so feel free to comment your response... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Literary Puns: Monday Mini 2-10-19

Good morning y'all! Today's Monday Mini post is a compilation of some of the best Literary Puns I have come across recently. I hope these bring you a smile, a chuckle, or at least a non-aggravated eye roll! Top 5 Literary Puns (That I Have Recently Come Across): Why is John Milton terrible to invite... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Far Away and Further Back by Patrick Burns

Happy Friday readers! Welcome to February, a month of fluffly pink and red hearts, commercials for overpriced jewelry, and cute little stuffed animals showing up everywhere. It is also overwhelmingly birthday-filled for my family, so we have plenty of reasons to celebrate all month long! Today I am reviewing a historical memoir. I don't think... Continue Reading →

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