Top Five New (to me!) Authors From 2018

There’s a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl called “Top Ten Tuesday.” As the title suggests, the host assigns a topic for each Tuesday and each participant makes a post of their top ten books fitting the category! Posting on a Tuesday doesn’t fit my current blogging schedule, but I enjoy following along and reading everyone’s lists. Some of the topics really jump out at me and make me wish I had time to do a TTT post, but I usually just don’t. However, when I saw that last week’s topic was “New-to-me Authors I Read in 2018,” I knew this was one I had to take on! I found so many good authors in 2018.

In order to have space to talk a little bit about each author, I am only posting my top 5. It was not easy to narrow down to so few, but they are definitely my favorites from the year! Also, they are not in order. I don’t even know what the exact order would be.filligree page divider

  • Beyond Her Calling, front coverKellyn Roth
    • Why they made this list: She drew me in with clean historical fiction that doesn’t always include romance (but sometimes it does, and it’s always sweet and enjoyable to read), but what really cemented her as a favorite author is her blog. In addition to writing good stories, she writes sometimes humorous and always honest blog posts about relevant topics. I love her voice, as well as hearing her perspective, even if I don’t always agree with everything she says. She is also dedicated to helping out new and independent authors through her business, Reveries Co., and she is involved in a handful of other blog- and publishing-related activities. Also also, she recently posted pictures of cute puppies on her social media, which finished sealing the deal.
    • Books I’ve read: Esther Ashton’s New Dress (a short story), Beyond Her Calling (historical fiction, part of The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series), Goldfish Secrets (another short story, prequelish to The Lady of the Vineyard series)
    • Books currently on my TBR: The entire rest of The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy and Lady of the Vineyard series, and a short story called Kind.
    • Link to Goodreads Author Page


  • When Beauty Blooms Blog Tour HeaderVictoria Lynn
    • Why they made this list: I discovered Victoria Lynn’s blog through the 5 Fall Favorites blog party hosted by Rebekah Morris last October. Honestly, she is one of my favorite bloggers, in addition to being one of the best new authors I discovered last year! She posts a lot of book reviews from several genres, as well as fashion and lifestyle posts. I read her book When Beauty Blooms shortly after, and absolutely fell in love with the story, characters, and the way faith is included organically in the story rather than as an afterthought. She writes historical and contemporary fiction.
    • Books I’ve Read: When Beauty Blooms (late 1700’s historical fiction + clean romance)
    • Currently on my TBR: London in the Dark (early 1900’s historical fiction), Bound (contemporary)
    • Goodreads Author Page


Mighty One series

  • Julia David
    • Why they made this list: Julia David is an indie author, and she contacted me directly last year asking if I would be willing to read and review one of her books. They’re Christian historical fiction, so of course I said yes! Her books are, undoubtedly, my favorites from 2018. They are deep but sweet, and intense but clean. She writes the kinds of characters I wish I could know in real life, and stories I want to pass on. They are reflective, meaningful, and fun.
    • Books I’ve Read: Burgundy Gloves (Mighty One #1), Broken Chain (Mighty One #2), Black Coat (Mighty One #3), and Love Covers (Leaving Lennhurst #1)
    • Currently on my TBR: Nothing at the moment, as these are all that she has published and no more have been announced yet! However, Love Covers is listed on Goodreads as the first in a series, so I’m hopeful that there will be more there. I’m honestly willing to read pretty much anything she writes in the future.
    • Goodreads Author Page


  • Rebekah MorrisGive Attendance by Rebekah A Morris
    • Why they made this list: As mentioned several times previously and already once in this post, Rebekah Morris’ blog hosted the 5 Fall Favorites blog party last October. A blogger I was already following participated, and I loved the format and tone of the blog party/tour so much that I started following Rebekah’s blog immediately. My TBR pile exploded even more than it previously had because of this event, and I connected with several cool new-to-me bloggers as well! I also started reading some of her work; she has a lot of short stories published, as well as a few novels. Her tone is somehow nostalgic and engaging, and each time I read one of her stories, I just want to keep reading!
    • Books I’ve Read: Give Attendance (a short story about someone inheriting a library), Heritage of Praise (short story set around Thanksgiving), and Unto Him (a Christmas short story)
    • Currently on my TBR: Home Fires of the Great War and At the Christmas Lodge (placeholder for ALL of her Christmas stories)
    • Goodreads Author Page


  • Faith PottsBehold_front
    • Why they made this list: Faith is another blogger-author whom I just discovered last year. I have only read one of her books so far, but I really enjoy her blog and can’t wait to read more!
    • Books I’ve Read: Behold (a Christmas short story collection spanning several decades)
    • Currently on my TBR: Dandelion Dust
    • Goodreads Author Page

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If you haven’t heard of any of these fabulous authors, I hope you will check them out! Also, check out some of the other Top Ten Tuesday posts from That Artsy Reader Girl!

Did you discover any new-to-you authors in 2018 that are still on your mind?

Until the next chapter,


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