Monday Mini Motivation 1/14/2019

Welcome to the start of another work week! I hope your weekend was restful and encouraging, preparing you for the week ahead.

Today’s Monday Motivation is one of my favorite songs, based around a phrase that has been on my mind a lot recently. I’ve chosen to focus on the concept of peace this year, and plan to spend a significant amount of time studying it from a Biblical perspective. A peaceful life does not equal a passive one, and I want to learn how to actively live in the peace given by God to those who follow Him, and how to share this peace with those around me. The phrase I keep coming back to is “be still.” Admittedly, this is a difficult concept for many, including myself. God has already been communicating with me about this, and I hope to become more comfortable with it throughout the year. Sometimes, you just need a good song to remind you what your goal is and what you’re working towards. This song is sometimes that for me. Plus, Jadon Lavik’s voice is amazing.

I hope this song gives you something to think about this week and encourages you to remember to be still. 



Until the next chapter,


In case it needs to be said, nothing about this video/song is mine.

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