2019 Challenge Headquarters

Welcome to my 2019 Reading Challenges Headquarters!

This is a place to keep track of my progress toward the reading goals and challenges I’m participating in throughout 2019.

Links to reviews will be added when I post them; if not otherwise specified, a book title link will go to the books Goodreads page. I may list books I am planning to read in each section so I can remember my ideas; the ones I have read will have a check mark next to them.

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Goodreads Goal:

2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
Jana has read 46 books toward
her goal of 50 books.


Location Based:

Create Your Own Visited Countries Map

  1. United Kingdom (The Blue Bench by Paul MarrinerThe Sea Before Us by Sarah Sundin, and Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen) ✔✔✔
  2. Greece (Thief of Corinth by Tessa Afshar) ✔
  3. France (The Afterlives of Doctor Gachet by Sam Meekings and Lisette’s List by Susan Vreeland) ✔✔
  4. Germany (Far Away and Further Back by Patrick Burns) ✔ Note: there are several countries featured in this book, but I am only choosing 1 to apply to this list.
  5. Vietnam (Listen, Slowly by Thannha Lai) ✔
  6. Israel (Christ Arose: A Tomb’s Tale by Faith Blum) ✔
  7. Canada (When Calls the Heart by Janette Oke) ✔
  8. Belgium (one section of Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell)
  • erc map 2019Reach the Five Star/Deluxe Entourage level of the European Reading Challenge hosted by Rose City Reader: Read 5 books set in different European countries. Goal Achieved in July.
    1. The Blue Bench by Paul Marriner (UK) ✔
    2. Thief of Corinth by Tessa Afshar (Greece) ✔
    3. The Afterlives of Doctor Gachet by Sam Meekings (France) ✔
    4. Far Away and Further Back by Patrick Burns (Germany) ✔ Note: there are several countries featured in this book, but I am only choosing 1 to apply to this list.
    5. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (Belgium) ✔ Note: Again, several countries are mentioned in this book, real and imaginary. Only Belgium is relevant here.
  • Participate in the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge (YARC) as seen on The Quiet Pond. I doubt I’ll get past the first level (Philippine tarsier) of reading 1-10 books by Asian authors, but we’ll see!
  • 20 books set in different US states:

Create Your Own Visited States Map

  1. Rhode Island (Cliff Walk Courtships series: Throne of GraceCrown of Beauty, and Treasure of Hope)✔✔✔
  2. Tennessee (Dance with Me by A.M. Heath) ✔
  3. Pennsylvania (The Persistence of Vision by Lisa Gery) ✔
  4. Washington (Live Without You by Sarah Grace Grzy) ✔
  5. Montana (Seasons of Love by Vivi Holt) ✔
  6. Maine (Up From the Sea by Amanda Dykes) ✔
  7. Ohio (The Nothing Within by Andy Giesler) ✔
  8. New Mexico (Borrowing Time by Kat Bellemore) ✔
  9. California (Finding the Edge: My Life on the Ice by Karen Chen) ✔
  10. Hawaii (Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
  11. Oklahoma (Dandelion Dust by Faith Potts) ✔
  12. Massachusetts (The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne)✔
  13. North Carolina (The Means that Make Us Strangers by Christine Kindberg) ✔


    • Reach the Semi-Pro Level of the #LetsReadIndie 2019 Reading Challenge (read 10 to 19 indie books)As Told By Tina
  1. The Blue Bench by Paul Marriner ✔
  2. Throne of Grace by Cecily Wolfe
  3. Crown of Beauty by Cecily Wolfe ✔
  4. Treasure of Hope by Cecily Wolfe 
  5. Far Away and Further Back by Patrick Burns
  6. Love Flies by Julia David (Leaving Lennhurst #2) ✔
  7. Dance with Me by A.M. Heath ✔
  8. Borrowing Time by Kat Bellemore ✔
  9. Live Without You by Sarah Grace Grzy ✔
  10. The Nothing Within by Andy Giesler ✔
  11. Strength by Lauren Salisbury
  12. Baby Mine by Kellyn Roth ✔
  13. Dandelion Dust by Faith Potts ✔
  • 2 plays by Shakespeare: 1 history and one anything else
  • 1 book recommended by someone at the library (patron or staff): House of Leaves, Challenger Deep, The Gift of Fear, Night Circus, Ready Player One, Yes! On Demand, Genreflecting
  • 1 experimental fiction book (see this Goodreads list for ideas): Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell ✔
  • 1 poetry collection OR a novel in verse:
  • Finish at least one series previously started and abandoned:
    • Series chosen: The Chronicles of Narnia
      • Books Left to Read as of 1-31-19: Prince Caspian (✔), The Silver Chair, The Last Battle

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January 1st thoughts: It looks like a lot right now, especially with most of the slots being blank. I’ll definitely be busy and have to pay attention to what I read this year in order to keep up with them all! I think I have stayed in the manageable range, though, so I’m optimistic about finding something for each challenge!

These challenges are not meant to be the whole extent of my reading in 2019. They are simply guidelines to keep me from becoming complacent and always reading the same types of books. I will probably {hopefully} also read a lot of random books which do not fulfill a specific challenge!

Note: Throughout January, I will continue to peruse the blogosphere and consider other challenges. I might add some to my list, and I might drop a few of the ones I’ve already listed. On February 1, however, whatever I have set is what I will try to stick with for the rest of the year.

*If there are short-term challenges I come across and decide to participate in during 2019, I will add them to this page as I start them*

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Seasonal Reading Challenges:


Challenge Title: Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge

Host: In the Bookcase

Dates: June 1-30

Challenge in a nutshell: Read books by/about LMA and blog about them.

Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge 2019 Wrap Up

wild about reading fb image

Challenge Title: Wild About Reading (Summer Reading program at my local library)

Host: Metropolitan Library System/my local library

Dates: June 1 – July 31

Challenge in a nutshell: Read ten hours and earn prizes, read 20 and/or 30 hours and have a book donated in my name.

Challenge Title: Jane Austen July

Host:Katie @ Books and Things and Marissa @ Blatantly Bookish

Dates: July 1-31

Challenge in a nutshell: Read books by Jane Austen.

Jane Austen July – My Intro Post


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