December Wrap-Up

Happy New Year’s Eve! To be completely honest, I don’t understand why people get so excited about this holiday, but I won’t complain about another day off from work and an excuse to eat some of my favorite foods. Probably if it were not so close to Christmas I would be more excited. However, I am excited about a lot of reading plans that I have for 2019! That will all come out in another post (hopefully tomorrow). Today is one last post about December, and how I did on this month’s goals.

As a sidenote, on Friday I should be back on my regular MWF posting schedule. filligree page divider

December Goals:

⛄ Blogging:

⛄ Reading:

  • 4 books ✔
    • Hopefully in addition to however many I read for A Literary Christmas, but if they have to be included in that 4, that’s okay too
      • I read 6 books this month! Four of those were for the challenge.
  • Also give feedback on what I’m alpha/beta reading ❔
    • I only got this done for one of the three people I’m reading for. Ack. I promise I’ll get this done ASAP!!

⛄ Life:

  • Finish Christmas shopping by the 19th ❔
    • I have no idea when I finished my Christmas shopping, but it was early enough that there was only one present I was concerned about.
  • Get Christmas cards mailed by the 15th ✖
    • It was definitely the week before Christmas
  • Mini roadtrip ✔
  • Focus on Christmas, not just warm fuzzy feelings or presents ✔
  • Have a regular peppermint mocha latte on my birthday without getting an outrageous headache (this means not eating hardly any sugar leading up to it and very little in the day or so after!) ❔
    • So my birthday is two days after Christmas, and I did a pretty good job of holding back on sugar until the actual Christmas holiday. However, I woke up feeling awful on my actual birthday, so I decided not to get coffee.
  • Enjoy this season and don’t stress. Life will keep moving and there will always still be things to stress about, so refuse to stress over them today. ✔❤filligree page divider

December was such a lovely month! I really enjoyed reading so many Christmas-themed books and seeing everyone post about the season and holiday I love so much. With a new year and a new month right around the corner, I can’t wait to see what comes next! What are you looking forward to most in 2019? I’m excited to tackle my reading goal from a new angle and with more foresight than usual, and looking forward to whatever comes. Tomorrow I {should} have a post explaining my reading goals and the challenges I’m participating in during 2019, but here are my basic goals for January:

Reading Goals:

❄ Read 5 books

❄ Read 1 nonfiction book on a topic I don’t know much about/learn something new

Blogging Goals:

❄ Post around 3x a week

❄ Write at least 4 book reviews

❄ Outline February’s content and organize reviews for February and March

❄ Check out any new reading challenges that pop up in the first part of the year which I may not have noticed in December

Life Goals:

❄ Decide if any of my year-long goals need tweaking in order to be reasonable

❄ Get everything needed to make a T-shirt quilt from shirts I have been saving

❄ Set professional development goals at work and create a new display every week filligree page divider

Happy New Year, readers! May 2019 bring you peace and wisdom.

Until the next chapter,


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