A Musical Merry Monday Mini

Happy Monday!

Every season has its music: regardless of the genre you prefer, there tend to be certain songs that just belong in specific seasons. Some songs evoke warm summer nights, days at the beach, or weekends doing yard work, while others inspire thoughts of evenings by a fireplace sipping hot cocoa. Writers especially know the power of a song to set atmosphere and make a day festive or pensive. Music is an important part of many celebrations, but I know of none as blatantly influenced by music as Christmas!

There are a lot of wonderful Christmas songs out there which come to mind at the mere mention of Christmas music, and this year especially there seems to be a lot of discussion about various Christmas-themed songs. However, I want to share with you one of my favorite, largely underrated groups: the Annie Moses Band. Anyone who knows me personally probably just sighed, and possibly rolled their eyes right there, because this group is something I like to talk about whenever the opportunity comes up. Some of my favorite Christmas songs are their originals, so I’m attaching two of them below (plus one that is their take on a traditional carol) and I’ll let the music speak for itself. There are interesting stories behind each of the songs though, so if you’d like to hear more about them let me know!

Tell me in the comments who performs your favorite Christmas songs, and enjoy!



Until the next chapter,




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