Monday Mini Photo Drop 11/12/18

Hey y’all! This is part 2 of November’s Monday Mini photography series; for the full intro, see part 1 in last week’s post.

As a brief overview: I am participating in a photography challenge originating from Instagram called #AllTheBooksNov18. It’s hosted by Christy at The Reader Bee and Lori at Pure Imagination. Here are the daily prompts:


I’m including a few sentences below each picture, mostly talking about the books used, but feel free to just skim the pictures and not read every single word. This is meant to be an image-driven post, after all! filligree page divider

Day 6 “Book and Candle”:

Jane Eyre and Candle

I actually haven’t entirely read Jayne Eyre yet, but I do own this copy and plan to finish it eventually. Because I haven’t read it, I wasn’t completely sure what sort of aesthetic to go for with the props, but I’m hopeful the shadows and seasonal flowers/candle are acceptable. Have you read Jane Eyre? If so, how would you describe the book’s overall aesthetic?

Day 7 “HP House Pride”:

HP House Pride

This is the part where I let you know that I have never, and have no desire to, read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies. I know, gasp, exclaim “how dare she?!” and look away for a moment. Okay, for those of you who kept reading, let’s move on. Because I have friends who love Harry Potter, I have taken a couple of the online quizzes, and two out of three times I have been sorted into Ravenclaw’s house. I had to google the house colors for this picture, but I knew exactly what books to use when I saw they are bronze and navy (at least in the books, supposedly?). I’ll take any opportunity to use my Louisa May Alcott collection, and somehow a lot of the books I have been reading recently have a blue spine! I’m really happy with how this bookstack picture turned out.

Day 8 “#CurrentlyReading”:

Currently Reading 10 Nov 18

On the day I took this picture, I was #CurrentlyReading Outcry: New Voices Speak Out on the Power of the Church (a theology-ish book I’ve been slowly reading for several weeks), Good Morning, Midnight (a spontaneous grab from the library), Thief of Corinth, and Miss Someday as an ebook on my Kindle. I have since finished Miss Someday, and you can see my review here!

Day 9 “Autumn Covers”:

Autumn Covers

Honestly, I could easily use First Frost in every single one of these prompts. You guys would probably get tired of that though, so I’m trying to keep it down to no more than one picture a week. We’ll see if that lasts. I also included Prairie Song by Mona Hodgson, which you can read my review for here, and Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles.

Day 10 “Book and Flannel”:

Book and Flannel

This picture was surprisingly difficult. Good Morning, Midnight features a scientist at an Arctic outpost and a couple astronauts on their way home from Jupiter, so the subject lends itself to my flannel-printed scarf. I think the B&W effect enhances the subject, too. I am only a few chapters into this book, so I don’t yet know if the majority of the book will maintain the chilly atmosphere, but it fits so far!

Day 11 “Cozy Up With a Book”:

Cozy Up With a Book

I’m pretty sure that a fuzzy black chair, cute cat pillow, and knit bookmark are a perfect combination for “cozy.” Plus, for this picture I used a classic passed down to me from my Grandmother, who made the brown paper cover herself. Even as plain as it is, that is something special to me.

Day 12 “#MayMonday”:


In case you’re wondering, yes, that is indeed a Bible on the left. It has a map, and it’s a book, so it counts.

I had never thought about whether any of the books I own have a map in them before, but it was a struggle to find any! I don’t like fantasy, and that genre seems to have an overabundance of maps. I couldn’t even find one in any of my historical fiction books! I ended up going with the Bible (always a solid choice) and Crossed by Ally Condie. filligree page divider

I tried to use a variety of setting for my pictures this week so I could get a better feel for how my camera will respond and how to adapt. There were a few repeats though, as some places are just more convenient than others.

I would love to hear if you have any tips or recommendations about photography, especially book photography, in the comments!

Until the next chapter,


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