Monday Mini 11/5/18

The end of October brought the end of my Monday Mini Mystery series. I enjoyed the opportunity to prioritize writing fiction, and I think what I appreciated most was exercising my creativity. Because of this, I want to try another monthly theme with my Monday Mini’s in November. This time I want to focus on creativity from a different angle: photography. Blogging, reading, and photography tend to overlap quite often, but photography is rarely the main focus.

In order to work on my photography skills and become more familiar with my new phone’s camera, I am going to take part in a monthly photography challenge. There are several prompts for challenges like this on Instagram, and I’ve decided to join this one created and hosted by Christy at The Reader Bee and Lori at Pure Imagination. Here are the daily prompts:44472986_313133295952636_5405477529645099990_n(1)

In the coming weeks, I will (hopefully) take multiple pictures per week following the prompts, then post them as a Monday Mini Photo Upload. Not as catchy as Monday Mini Mysteries, but oh well. filligree page divider

For this week, I only took one picture incorporating a book for each of the first five days. Here’s my first entry:20181104_191121

I know that the lighting could have been better, but this seemed the best that I could get at the time of day. Here are the books I used, in order of the day’s prompt they represent:

  • Day 1: “November TBR” – Miss Someday by R.J. Ryker
    • Most of my November TBR list is on my Kindle. This is one I am currently reading there.
  • Day 2: “Book Set in Autumn”Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
    • This book covers several years, so it is not set exclusively in autumn, but it does spend a significant amount of time there. Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, this book just feels like fall to me, and is the only ghost story I enjoy.
  • Day 3: “Last Book You Re-read”Reached by Ally Condie
    • I honestly don’t know what the last book I reread was. Condie’s Matched trilogy used to be my all-time favorite series, and I reread all three periodically, so it was probably one of them. Reached is the last book in the trilogy, so it makes sense that it would be the last one I reread.
  • Day 4: “Set in the Past”Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin
    • You know I love historical fiction more than any other genre (at least at the moment). I own several of Sarah Sundin’s works (though no complete series???), so I chose one of those that I have not used in a list post recently.
  • Day 5: “New Release” – Thief of Corinth by Tessa Afshar
    • It surprised me to realize that most of the new releases I own are all digital. I have very few hard copies, because I prefer to request new titles through my library and read them for free before deciding to buy them. Thief of Corinth was published in July 2018, and I won this copy in a recent giveaway.

filligree page divider Have you ever done a monthly photo challenge? If so, were you able to keep up with it?

Until the next chapter,


Header image via Unsplash. Challenge Prompts image via Christy’s Instagram.


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