Four Fabulous Features of Fall + Favorite Fall Reads + Flashback Friday

You may have noticed that I appreciate alliteration a lot. So, I’m slightly sorry if the title of this post twisted your tongue a tad…but I think it’s great.

Usually, Fridays are review days, but I’m changing things up this week: I posted a review on Wednesday (of an amazing, clean, historical fiction romance that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already!), and today’s post is going to be more discussion oriented, plus somewhat a list post.

I recently promised on Instagram to talk about Sarah Addison Allen’s First Frost, and why I love both the book and fall. This post contains both of those things! I got the idea to do this type of post from the 5 Fall Favorites party/blog tour hosted earlier this month by Rebekah at Read Another Page. This post won’t actually look anything like those did, but it is where the idea came from.

With that said, rather than ramble about what I’m supposedly doing in this post, I’m going to just go ahead and write it!

Four Fabulous Features of Fall + Four Fabulous Books to Read in Fall

1. The weather/foliage.

No longer does the sun reign supreme, turning to everything either a crunchy brown or blistering red. Now, the temperatures begin to slip to something more comfortable. There are often clouds to buffer the sun (which is a big win for me, as the sun triggers migraines), and the trees begin to change colors. There is something inspiring about the kaleidoscope of colors that emerge in fall leaves.

Anne of Green Gables by LM MontgomeryBook Recommendation: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. Really, I couldn’t help but put this one first, with Anne’s infamous “I’m so glad I live in a world with Octobers!” being the mantra of so many readers. And, yes, I realize that I have already included this book on other lists…but it is worth listing again!

2. The attitude of those around me. 

Although it can bring the stress of going back to school for some, fall is generally a positive time of year. There are no complicated vacations to plan, and the holiday season is approaching but not yet overwhelming. Because it is no longer unbearably hot outside, people are less prone to heat-induced agitation. Similarly, it is not yet so cold that being outside is again uncomfortable for the exact opposite reason. There simply seem to be fewer things to complain about this time of year, and with Thanksgiving on the horizon (for those in the United States), I think a lot of people start to slip into a more grateful mood.

This is What Happy Looks like coverBook Recommendation: This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith. Until this week when I read Beyond Her Calling by Kellyn Roth, This is What Happy Looks Like was my automatic go-to for the ultimate feel-good story. Once in a while I love to read a light fluffy romance, especially if it’s between quirky young adults, which is exactly what this book is.

🍂As part of the Flashback Friday portion of this post, here’s a link to a review I wrote for This is What Happy Looks Like on my first blog. It’s not terribly insightful, but hey, at least I can say I’ve grown and my writing has developed since then!🍂

3. It’s equally acceptable and pleasant to drink hot or iced coffee. 

This one goes out to all of my coffee-loving friends! There is an unspoken rule that you shouldn’t order iced coffee when it is cold out, and it can be unpleasant to drink hot coffee when the weather is hot. However, there is a short time in fall and spring when either is equally enjoyable and acceptable. Not surprisingly, I’m a coffee lover myself, and while I usually prefer the taste of iced coffee (regardless of the weather), I also appreciate being able to sip a cup of hot coffee either while curled up with a good book and fuzzy blanket, or while walking outside with a cool breeze.

Beside Still Waters by Tricia GoyerBook Recommendation: Beside Still Waters by Tricia Goyer. Just like a cup of coffee can be a symbol of comfort and bring a sense of peace to those who enjoy drinking it, reading and talking about this book brings me a sense of peace. It’s an Amish fiction story about a girl finding her place in life and falling in love, and the overall effect is something very sincere and sweet. The first time I read it was during my freshman year of college, which was a rather chaotic time; this may have something to do with the relaxing effect that even thinking about this book produces in me. It was probably the only non-school book I read at that point, and thus symbolic of relaxation and taking time to do something I enjoy.

4. Harvest/Fall Activities

There are just some things that make more sense or are more fun in the fall. Farmers markets, visiting a pumpkin patch or corn maze, and hay rides are among these. Also, there are community and church Fall Festivals and harvest parties. I love taking time to celebrate something as mundane as having enough food; we don’t pay attention to things like this enough. It can be easy to get distracted by crazy costumes or what we get out of doing these things, but usually at the heart is something deeply good and important. We may not have to worry that there won’t be enough food brought in at harvest time, but some people still do. These activities are fun reminders that we should be thankful for what we have, and not take it for granted (every day, not just on Thanksgiving!).

Book RecommendationFirst FrostFirst Frost cover by Sarah Addison Allen. The setting of this magical realism story is one family’s celebration of the first frost of the year. There are a lot of important themes, like family and how to have good relationships and love, but there are also just a lot of fun things thrown in, like an apple tree with a personality. Seriously, this tree throws apples at people it does not like and gives its best apples as gifts to those it does. It is rare that I enjoy a story which features magical elements so prominently, but I cannot resist Sarah Addison Allen’s unique application. Her works, especially this one, are a wonderful blend of fun and engaging with important topics.

🍂Another Flashback! First Frost was the first book I ever won from a giveaway, and I was extremely excited when I wrote this review on my previous blog.🍂

Wuthering Heights Hardback coverHonorable Mention: I wanted to find a way to fit Wuthering Heights into this post, as it is another book which I feel defines the season. It is the only ghost story that I have ever enjoyed, but then it isn’t a typical ghost story. Still, the Gothic genre and magic are almost equally valid descriptors of fall just as much as the dates on the calendar are. If you’ve never read this classic and have been waiting for “the right time,” then I suggest that this fall is the right time!

What is your favorite thing about fall? Even if it isn’t your favorite season as a whole, there must be something that you like about it. Let me know in a comment! Also, do you have a favorite book that you return to in the fall, or that represents the season to you?

Until the next chapter,



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