October Goals

Historically speaking, I have not done a lot of discussion posts. Recently, however, I have significantly increased the amount of bloggers I follow, and I’m finding that some of the posts I enjoy most are the ones where they simply share what is going on in their lives! I used to mostly focus on book or product reviews or giveaways they hosted, but now I feel like I am actually getting to know some of these bloggers as real people, almost as friends. Because of this, and because of how much I have enjoyed taking part in the WWW Wednesday series, I have decided to try something new and write my first ever monthly goals post. I’ll tell you upfront, my life is not terribly exciting, but I hope that my readers will appreciate a sort of signpost about what to expect on RFtS in the coming month, as well as a glimpse into what I am doing in “real” life. Depending on how things go this month, I may or may not give updates on these goals throughout the month, but at the least I will do a monthly wrap-up post at the end of October and let you know whether I accomplished each goal. At that point, we’ll see whether I do this again in future months or not.

My October Goals:

🎃 Blog Goals:

  • 3 posts a week
  • Monday Mini Mystery series each Monday
  • Review a minimum of 4 books; stretch goal: 6 books; super goal: 8 books
  • Participate in at least 1 blog tour/online book promotion event
  • Line up reviews and content for December 
  • Follow along with the 5 Fall Favorites party (I just found out about this Monday, and it looks like a lot of fun!)

🎃 Reading Goals:

  • Finish at least 1 book a week for a total of 5 books
  • Finish organizing November reading schedule
  • Read 1 theology/Christian life book, finish 1 audiobook, and reread 1 classic in addition to the books I’m reading for review

🎃 Personal/Life Goals:

  • Attend at least 1 professional development event
  • Finish the knitting project I’ve been working on for months
  • Participate in my church’s Fall Festival
  • Get set up on at least 1 online freelance platform; stretch goal: 2 platforms and complete 1 project on each
  • Consider applying for seasonal retail work or an office position

There you have it! It doesn’t look like as much when everything is listed in bullet points, compared to how it sometimes feels running around my head.

Do you have a favorite type of blog post that you love to read? If you have your own blog, what’s your favorite type of post to write?

Until the next chapter,



Photo credit: Mike Tinion via Unsplash

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