Announcing Fall Update to Monday Mini Series!

I don’t know what Autumn is like in your part of the woods, but in mine, it means Pumpkin Spiced Everything is in order. Despite having a low sugar tolerance, I am definitely one of those people who love the PSL and anything else that vaguely resembles pumpkin pie. Autumn also means that school is in full swing, football is on the radio and TV every weekend (All. Weekend. Long.), and creepy “decorations” (I don’t honestly understand how you can call a spider or skeleton decorative) appear on doorsteps.

The changing of a season seems as good a time as any to tweak things here as well, even though on the internet you can’t tell that the sun is setting earlier, temperatures do not seem to climb as high, or that spiders lurk in nearly every dark outdoor corner. So, for the next few weeks (approximately six) I am going to try something different with Monday Mini. I’ve enjoyed taking the time to write on a relatively consistent basis about uplifting topics, and it is likely that I will return to this, but for the beginning of this fall season I am excited to introduce Monday Mini MysteriesMonday Mini Mysteries will debut next Monday on September 24, and continue through October 29.

Despite majoring in English, it has been years since I wrote anything fictional. I have written essays, articles, reviews, and possibly a hundred other nonfiction works, but no fiction. Now that I am out of school and have the opportunity to write whatever I want, I would like to take a stab at it again. I’m hopeful that posting some of it here regularly will ensure that I keep up with it at least for a short time as well as prevent unnecessary ramblings.

Each post will begin with a prompt which I will continue writing from. The posts will still be short: I am anticipating around 500 words. I cannot promise that the stories will be great, but hopefully at least somewhat enjoyable! Also, in keeping with the season and the general obsession with all things spooky that seems to have enchanted the world at the moment, each of the prompts will contain a mystery. I may or may not “solve” the mystery, depending on the day’s inspiration.

With that in mind, I’m off to watch what I have been told is one of the best classic mysteries of all time, Murder on the Orient Express. I hope you look forward to this seasonal experiment, as I am looking forward to attempting creative writing again!

Until the next chapter,



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