WWW Wednesday: 12 September 2018

It’s time for another WWW Wednesday! In case you are new to this, WWW Wednesday is a recurring post series hosted by Taking on a World of Words. The three W’s stand for:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

To participate, leave a comment on today’s post over at Taking on a World of Words with your responses, and check out the books in everyone else’s lives! You’ll find a ton of good book recommendations and hear from a lot of different book bloggers. I have just recently started participating, and plan to join in about once a month as an accountability tool.

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Currently Reading: Amidst This Fading Light Amidst This Fading Light cover by Rebecca Davisis advertised as a “novel in stories,” so it’s similar to a short story collection: taken compositely, the individual stories create a single larger story. Germantown, NC is the setting, and not all of the stories are set in the same time period. The format alone makes it interesting to me, which is good because getting through the opening story was a bit rough. Hopefully the remaining stories pull together and fulfill the author’s design ingenuity.

The Alien Diaries by Glenn DevlinRecently Finished: I won’t say much about The Alien Diaries here as its review will be posted later this week, but boy was it a ride! Adventure, mystery, romance, science fiction, history, this book has it all. Look for my review on the 14th!



Goldfish Secrets by Kellyn RothNext to Read: This one was hard to pick because I am already reading several books right now, and thinking about what to read next makes me want to jump in right away! I’ve picked a short one though, so if I do go ahead and start reading Goldfish Secrets before I finish anything else, it shouldn’t be a problem. Also, the author is hosting a giveaway to celebrate the book’s release, so check out her blog for a chance to enter! This one promises to be fun and intentional, and it will probably suck me into being obsessed with another historical fiction series.

That concludes this edition of WWW Wednesday on Reviews From the Stacks; don’t forget to head over to Taking on a World of Words and jump in with your own answers!


Note: Cover image is from Pixbay by Anja Osenberg.

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