Monday Mini: Summer Rain

I live in a state that is sometimes considered Midwest, and other times labelled Southern. There are certain days when we are allowed to water our gardens/yards/etc, and certain days when we are not. Because of this, during the summer months (when we are inevitably in a drought) most yards turn brown, and a fine layer of dust floats around, covering everything with a dull redish hue. Gone are the short days of spring, when walking through the grass barefoot was pleasant and the world was cool. Now, the days are long and hot, and any ground-covering vegetation is prickly.

However, there is an occasional reprieve: once in a while, a summer thunderstorm will pop up and soak the cracked ground. Depending on the intensity of the rain it brings and a myriad of other conditions, these can either be invigorating or equally devastating. If the rain comes too quickly, it can damage young and weak crops or cause flash flooding in areas with poor drainage and anywhere the ground is too hard to accept the rain. Today, though, we have what truly is a perfect storm: the rain alternates between strong and light but is never too harsh, and clouds block the heat of the sun. Nothing is being damaged; the ground is refreshed. This is the kind of rain that is perfect for a child to splash through in their backyard, and brings relief to tired farmers.

As someone with chronic light-sensitive headaches, this brings an extra degree of joy to my day. There is plenty of light to sit and read or write by, but not too much. Like the gardens on the brink of withering from the intense daily sun, I too have a reprieve.

My prayer today is that wherever you are, you too would experience a summer rain. However that manifests in your life, whether it be sun on the seashore,  a successful assignment, or something else which can take away a little bit of stress from your life, I hope that you are refreshed and ready to keep growing. I also pray that all people would learn of the joy that comes from trusting the One who sends the summer rain.

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