Monday Mini: Prairie Fires

Today I'm celebrating a recently-published biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder which has already received many accolades, including the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Biography.

Celestia by J. D. Evergreen

One man leads an army towards the capitol, destined to claim the throne as his own by any means necessary, including using harmful dark magic. Few are able to avoid the effects of this man's rampage, but among the lucky few are Taliah, Kent, and Chloe, who have their own destiny to fulfill.

Monday Mini: Library Appreciation

Apparently, last week was National Library Week. As someone who works in, frequently visits, and generally loves libraries, this is something I can easily get behind! The official week might be over, but I still have a lot of appreciation for my local libraries to share. With that in mind, here is a collage of... Continue Reading →

Burgundy Gloves by Julia David

Allison Kent is a proper, though orphaned, young woman in 1880. She has studied and then taught in an all-girls boarding school for most of her life, and now is ready to pursue her future with a sense of adventure. However, the adventure she encounters may not line up with what she hopes to find. Betrayal, drama, and a drastic lifestyle change await her; Allison will endure trials which will test her resolve, but along the way she just might discover true love.

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