Monday Mini Review: Wrestling with Wonder

Next Sunday is Easter, which means that for those who follow the church calendar, this week is Holy Week (also known as Passion Week). This is a very important time of year for me, and I can’t avoid talking about it here. However, I’m not going to throw any complicated theology at you or try to convince you that you should believe everything exactly the same as I believe; this is a book blog after all, not a debate stage or philosophy conference. For this week’s Monday Mini, I’m going to talk about a book which I love and that deals with the importance of Holy Week.

I spent almost every weekday morning of my Senior year of college reading Wrestling with Wonder: A Transformational Journey Through the Life of Mary. This book is so affecting and powerful that I ended up reading only a few paragraphs each morning, and then I would spend time considering what I had read and how it was either reflected in my own beliefs or contradicted by them. If you wonder why life can be so difficult, how God can use hard and bad things in life for good, or what it means to have a biblical calling, then I highly recommend this book. Granted, if you do not come into reading it with a Biblical perspective, you will probably struggle to find the comfort and understanding that I got from it, but even if you are not a Christian I believe that this could be a valuable insight into what we believe about the character of God. It is also an interesting academic study of the life of Mary the mother of Jesus, so if you want to learn more about her, this is a good place to go.

Reading this book will not change the fact that life is difficult and horrible things happen. It will not give a magic formula for understanding why things happen the way that they do. It does, however, challenge your understanding of what it means to be blessed. This is probably the most encouraging book I have read in a long time, and I cannot recommend it highly enough, especially to Christian women who feel that they have a calling from God but aren’t sure how it fits with their current life. The answer to these questions is not something simple that I can explain in a single sentence, or even a paragraph; it is deeper than the overused “you are loved by God, so trust Him”. Marlo Schalesky does not shy away from the meat of the matter, and digs deep into the Bible for wisdom and support.

Not everyone is a ‘Mary’ (called and equipped by God to do abundantly extraordinary things), but everyone has something that they are meant to do, and I believe that everyone can get value from this book. If you have even the slightest inkling of interest in this book, please check it out! It just might be life changing.

You can find Wrestling with Wonder on Goodreads here.

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