Monday Mini Review: Forgotten by Cat Patrick

Mondays can be such a challenge. A new work week is beginning for many people, full of expectations, excitement, and sometimes a heavy dose of stress. Even if you work an unconventional schedule like I do, there just seems to be something about this day that makes it difficult to accomplish everything that ought to get done, much less leave time for reading.

With that in mind, today I am starting a new blogging series called Monday Minis where I will write shorter-than-usual reviews and posts, with the promise that they will always have a positive theme. Most likely, this will usually mean a single paragraph or two about a book that I really like, perhaps one that I read a while ago and still appreciate. These posts should appear approximately every other Monday.

I hope that this will brighten your day, without taking too much time out of it!

Without further ado, the inaugural Monday Mini: a review of Cat Patrick’s Forgotten.

Forgotten was my introduction to Cat Patrick’s work a few years ago. Since reading this I have become a big fan of hers, and eventually I hope to read all of her books. She has written five books, of which I have so far read (and loved) two.

London Lane has an unprecedented memory issue: every night at the exact same time, her memory ‘resets’ and she can no longer remember the events of her past. Instead, she ‘remembers’ the future; she recognizes people by what they will do and who they will become, rather than as those she has grown up with. I was intrigued by this twist on the typical amnesia trope, and the mystery that followed refused to let my attention wander. My mind was constantly working as I read, trying to figure out what had happened and piece it together with what would happen, while reading about what was currently happening. Patrick does a masterful job revealing key clues at exactly the right time, without giving anything away too soon. There is so much going on in this story, but instead of being overwhelming it fits together. This is one of the most interesting and unexpected books I have read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fast-paced stories, YA of any kind, and stories that make you think while you are reading them.

I hope you enjoy your Monday, and maybe find Forgotten as entertaining as I did!

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