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Hello readers! Welcome to Reviews From the Stacks, a new literary blog focused on engaging in the ongoing conversation of English literature and discovering great books, both new and old. I intend to do this by reading as many books as I can while still giving each the attention and time that it deserves, and then posting honest and thorough reviews of what I read here. From time to time I will also post my thoughts on other aspects of the literary world, from book-to-movie adaptations to the ways that modern literature interacts with its society (and mine as a reader).

Before I dive into my first review, I thought it would be nice to tell you a little about myself so you can have a general idea of the perspective I will be writing from.

I grew up in the American Midwest, in a moderately-sized town. Throughout my childhood, two of my favorite places were my church and the local library. It wasn’t really a surprise then when I went to college at Oklahoma Baptist University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in English and minors in Philosophy and Political Science. That happened last May. Now, I’m working a couple of part-time jobs including one at a library, and trying to decide what I want to study in grad school and when I want to go (and when I’ll be able to afford it!).

I began blogging a few years ago as an undergrad student who had a lot of things that I wanted to tell the world. Over time, I realized that what I enjoyed writing about the most is books. I love to read and I enjoy writing, so it was natural to combine the two. It took a while to figure out that my blog was an excellent platform for this, and in looking at that initial blog recently I realized how unfocused and eclectic parts of it are. There is nothing wrong with that, especially for an undergrad who doesn’t really know what she is doing yet. However, the time has come for me to create a space that is more focused and professional. Thus, Reviews From the Stacks was born.

In my reviews I judge each book by its content, readability, my personal enjoyment, and the topics addressed. As with anything related to opinion, this is a subjective process. I do my best to be fair, and while simple enjoyment of a book plays a role in how I review it, it is not the entire scale. There is a place on my shelf for many kinds of books; I recognize that some books are great for their imaginative story while others excel because of the way that they handle important topics. Each has merit, and I do my best to judge a book appropriately based on how well it fulfills its intended purpose.

The archives on this blog will include links back to the reviews posted on my old blog, Leggings Are Never Pants, as they are a portion of my portfolio. They contain all of the work that I have done; just because some of that work was done on a different platform does not make it any less mine or any less worthy of being displayed.

Some of the reviews that I post are of books that I have received for free in exchange for posting an honest review. These will be distinguished with a note at the beginning or end of the post. Also, I am always looking for new books to read, so if you have a suggestion or if you have written a book and would like to request a review, click on the ‘Submit’ tab for information on contacting me and requesting a review!

All images posted on this blog are mine unless otherwise stated. This excludes book cover images.

I look forward to the new adventure that I know this blog will be, and to all of the books to be discovered and conversations to be had. I hope that you are as excited as I am and enjoy the reviews and other content that will soon be coming to Reviews From the Stacks!

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