Exploring the World from the Comfort of My Chair

It's common to compare reading to travel. Throughout 2018, I am going to keep track of the countries I "visit" through reading on the maps in this post.

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WWW Wednesday: 15 August 2018

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Books. The three W's stand for: What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading? What do you think you'll read next? To participate, leave a comment on Taking on a World of Words and go blog hopping: check out the other bloggers who... Continue Reading →

Hairway to Heaven Stories by Patty Somlo

Hairway to Heaven is a collection of short stories revolving around life on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Portland, Oregon. The neighborhood, which mostly houses poor African-Americans and their businesses, is undergoing the process of gentrification. While some seek to revitalize the area, others are only interested in their own personal gain.

Monday Mini: Summer Rain

I live in a state that is sometimes considered Midwest, and other times labelled Southern. There are certain days when we are allowed to water our gardens/yards/etc, and certain days when we are not. Because of this, during the summer months (when we are inevitably in a drought) most yards turn brown, and a fine layer of dust floats around, covering everything with a dull redish hue. Gone are the short days of spring, when walking through the grass barefoot was pleasant and the world was cool. Now, the days are long and hot, and any ground-covering vegetation is prickly.

Terminal Core by Lynn Steigleder

The planet Aon has a solid core made of the most sought-after material in the galaxy: a substance called caladium. This material can do amazing things and powers many inventions, mostly immense weapons, and appears to work miracles; however, pursuing caladium comes at a cost. In this science fiction novel, a diverse crew of beings are unknowingly brought together to protect Aon from those who would destroy it in the name of greed and caladium.

Broken Chain by Julia David

While working on a family friend's farm in 1880's Wisconsin, Ben Graham struggles to find self-worth and his way in life. He puts in long hours doing work he does not enjoy, with the only bright spot being his friendship with the farm owner's daughter, Nadine. When chaos surrounds the household and comes to a boiling point, Ben is sent to retrieve Nadine's supposedly wayward sister. Margaret, whom the family largely disapproves of, has not only attended college but is now making her way through the Midwest serving and ministering on Indian reservations. Ben's journey to bring Margaret home dredges up his own questions about family, religion, and the path he ought to take in life.

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